Forced Decay

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26 Mar 2011 at 18:44 (Major update on 4 Jul 2011)

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Sean (More uploads by Sean)
Custom / Concept
Xerox, Ninja, Snake, Kenny, Jake, and countless more for betatesting and advice
Forced (717.63 kB)

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This Is A Readme.txt 6.53 kB 27 Mar 2011
seandecay.j2l Forced Decay 16.86 kB 04 Jul 2011
WSF02.j2t Windstorm Fortress II 127.16 kB 30 Jul 2010
avengingangel.xm Avenging Angel 1103.21 kB 26 Mar 2011


First assassination level! I had to learn the tricks without some sort of reference and I think I got it down.

Read the readme and please, please please play with Evil Ice on, Extended TNT enabled, and TNT Damage set to 1.

And you absolutely must play at least a 3v3 here, this map is too big for anything less.

EDIT: Removed a CTF Base to ensure only scoring once, fixed tilebugs.

EDIT2: Fixed tilebug, wind bug, and allowed late joiners to play.


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RecommendedRabid Rabb rated 7.2

Well done. nice look, nice idea.
Probably the the layout is a bit boring, because of the repeating rooms.

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RecommendedReview by Jgke

1 Apr 2011, 05:55
Frog (20 Points)
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Ok, let’s see…
The level seems to be well made, with effort put into it. There are though some things that I will complain about… For example, the background is completely basic usage of Windstorm Fortress. Maybe consider adding something to layers 6-7? Perhaps a translucent black tile and some additional buildings? Yes, I know you have lightning there :P
Then, there are places where I can complain about moving too slow, and that would be deadly on this level, atleast the places with pepper spray, in the upper part of a chunk. Consider one-ways?
Second-last thing: -64 is too fast at sucker tubes. It already starts to skip events. This happened to me, and I didn’t get the set light event when coming out of a carrot box.
And the last thing, I had to check the location of the blue springs on top of a chunk. They are too well hidden… A pulse light? :D

Ah, that’s the negative part gone. The level has a nice theme, a dark test lab (?). The music fits well, and the eyecandy looks great. On my brief look, I couldn’t find any tilebugs. The system seems to work, though I didn’t place a stress test on it.

Now, lose to me in the competition, please :(

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