Episodic Ground Force Pack Episode 2

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20 Oct 2011 at 16:32 (Minor update on 25 Oct 2011)

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minmay (More uploads by minmay)
Custom / Concept
Cooba and Rewence for testing

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EGFPE2 for servers.txt 1.51 kB 24 Oct 2011
mingfpack10.j2l DMA 4.06 kB 25 Oct 2011
mingfpack11.j2l Judgement 4.64 kB 25 Oct 2011
mingfpack12.j2l Buried 4.95 kB 25 Oct 2011
mingfpack13.j2l Green Level 3.54 kB 25 Oct 2011
mingfpack14.j2l Reflection 6.00 kB 25 Oct 2011
mingfpack15.j2l Geothermal 6.00 kB 25 Oct 2011
mingfpack16.j2l Kaleidoscopic 3.41 kB 25 Oct 2011
mingfpack17.j2l Power Plant 4.17 kB 25 Oct 2011
mingfpack18.j2l Nuclear Winter 20.55 kB 25 Oct 2011
mingfpack7.j2l Disruption 4.32 kB 25 Oct 2011
mingfpack8.j2l Eruaknem's Tomb 4.09 kB 25 Oct 2011
mingfpack9.j2l Munitions Drops 5.79 kB 25 Oct 2011
Biocorridor 126.j2t BioCorridor 1.26 217.09 kB 19 Mar 2007
Dark planet2.0.j2t Dark planet2.0 111.46 kB 18 Mar 2009
Dreempipes.j2t JJ1 Dreempipes 106.80 kB 15 Apr 2007
Grove Shrine.j2t Grove Shrine 50.04 kB 06 Jul 2005
IC - Letni1.j2t IC - Letni1 146.73 kB 02 Jan 2007
JJ1 Tubelectric NOKA.j2t JJ1 Tubelectric NOKA 124.72 kB 04 Dec 2003
LavaFortress_v2.j2t Lava Fortress v2 115.38 kB 05 Oct 2010
pk2.j2t Pekka Kana 2Overlord of J2HG! 139.87 kB 18 Feb 2007
prismaticpalace.j2t LMAT: Prismatic Palace 99.75 kB 02 Jan 2010
Waz18.j2t Dark Reign (waz18) 51.71 kB 28 May 2003
WSF02.j2t Windstorm Fortress II 127.16 kB 30 Jul 2010
WTFBorealis.j2t WTF - Borealis 231.46 kB 29 Feb 2008


The music can be downloaded here. The music is good. THE MUSIC REQUIRES A JJ2+ VERSION THAT LOADS BASS.DLL!

Look at the first episode if you don’t know what Ground Force is.

In contrast to most of my uploads, I won’t bother with a long description this time, but some major differences from the first episode:

- 12 levels instead of 6! Will episode 3 have 18 levels? 24? You’ll find out next year! Maybe!

- Levels are (hopefully) balanced to make Jazz, Spaz, and Lori equally good. This means the clunky anti-Jazz system is no longer needed and no longer provided!

- A trigger is used instead of a coin for determining who gets to end the level. This is more robust.

One more thing. Feel free to modify these levels in just about any way – add anti-Jazz systems (eww), make them playable with LRS instead of Treasure, whatever. The same goes for Episode 1.

Update: Fixed a couple of small bugs and rerouted late joiners to the “out” area to make it easier to tell who is still in.

Update: Fixed what the first update broke.


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Quick Reviews Average: 9.1

RecommendedZoro rated 8

A decent pack.

RecommendedSeren rated 9.5

I wish I could see this, as well as the previous episode hosted. I even wanted to convert that one to LRS so it can be put on ZB, but it looks like I forgot it in the end. The levels seem to be of Survivor quality and feature a lot of awesome ideas, so I can only suppose it’s the CTF-biased community that lets them slip of the downloads list.

Recommendedsnzspeed rated 8.7

i hosted this last evening and i thought it was entertaining :D

Recommendedmarinata_1997 rated 10


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