Stronghold (gtblvl_2)

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13 Nov 2011 at 19:44 (Minor update on 13 Nov 2011)

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GreenTechB (More uploads by GreenTechB)
Single player
by GreenTechB
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readme_gtb2.txt 1.12 kB 13 Nov 2011
gtb_lvl2.j2l Stronghold 15.41 kB 13 Nov 2011
Chateau.j2t Chateau 230.25 kB 25 Dec 2004
Boss1.j2b Cool City - volume 1.2 180.98 kB 01 Jan 1999
Mindwalker.xm <unnamed> 830.29 kB 19 Sep 1999
stronghold_1.jpg 76.07 kB 13 Nov 2011
stronghold_2.jpg 86.77 kB 13 Nov 2011
stronghold_3.jpg 107.23 kB 13 Nov 2011
stronghold_4.jpg 111.93 kB 13 Nov 2011


the sequel for hillside level, the rabbit arrives at the turtle stronghold. but to destroy it, our brave hero has to find some TNT explosives in the dark catacombs..
this is another remake, the original one was created one or two years ago. there are many secrets in this level, and a 50 coins warp. the bonus room worths the searching for the money, you’ll have everything what needs to destroy the leader of the evil gang..

i tried to improve the eyecandy, and make it not so frustrating. the level is different in several difficulties to make the replayable factor better.

pls leave a review with a rating, i want to make my best at jj2 levels, but i have to know what to make better. thank you have fun ((:

P. S.: thx for Toxic Bunny for the chateau tileset, and the to the authors of the musics.


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.3

RecommendedAll Hail Shadow rated 8.0

EyeCandy: 8.5/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Music: 7/10

8.5 + 8 + 7 = 23,5/3 ~ 7.8
But my rating is 8. It’s good level.

*Sorry for bad english, if what))

[Review changed to quick review, see the review rules.

RecommendedMilloCz rated 9.0

Nice lvl!

RecommendedIcarax rated 8.0

it’s good

[Review changed to quick review, see the review rules.

Recommendedbrain-drain rated 8.0

I have to say it’s a fun level to play the tileset is very good. I like it.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 5.8

RecommendedReview by PT32

22 Nov 2011, 21:10
Jazz Jackrabbit (203 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings171 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness61%

Sheesh, guys. Who put the 8.5-burger up here?

This level does not deserve that high a rating.

Granted, it WAS a nice level. The gameplay was consistent (not too hard, yet not too easy), the music was good, the tileset used well. There were some things going in Stronghold’s favor.

However, I was much appalled by three things: The wacky lights, the confounding event placement and the quirky nuances. Using darkened lighting is a double-edged sword: If it’s used properly, it can provide a charming ambiance. Used improperly, it will confound and madden the player, leading him/her/it to simply type JJLIGHT or JJINV, and bull his/her/its way through to the end. The lighting events here were frustrating, to say the least.

Consequently, what started out in the upper half of the level as solid enemy placement quickly turned into confused chaos below. I could barely see what I was doing in parts, and it drove me half crazy stumbling around and running into baddies I didn’t even know were there. Particularly irritating were the one-tile holes in the floor, which held invisible baddies and were evidently intended to be some sort of thorn or spike.

These holes lead into the third problem I have, which is that of the intellectually thunderstrucking nuances. Up by the coin warp, I touched a wall and got hurt. I later learned that there was a Schwartzenguard event behind it. When I finally DID access the coin warp, there were regenerating demons, an absurd number of goodies (even for a JJ2 bonus warp), plus a one-way floor that wasn’t properly lined up with the red spring below it. None of the hogshead barrels in the level were one-way events, which caused me to get hung up on them. Similarly, some of the vine/hook conjunction events were a bit buggy, making them hard to use. There were even sucker tube events placed in thin air to prevent the player (me) from accessing certain areas!

And now, since I have totally shattered your self-confidence and destroyed your will to live, let me give you (the author) a few tips to make this promising level even better.

That’s the first piece of advice I have. This is a salvageable level. Believe me when I say that I have reviewed no-hoper levels that were a LOT worse than this. This bodes well for you. Don’t give up on Stronghold, because I’d really like to see an improved version.

Next, clean up the lighting events. This alone will solve half of the level’s problems. Cut the level of darkness in half (in other words, make it 50% brighter than it was before). That way, potential gamers won’t be hit by unwelcome surprises. If you were to gradually decrease the lighting gradient, provide a more gradual transition to semi-darkness, that would be an impressive flourish.

Take out the sucker tube barriers and just build the walls higher (or the floors lower). You don’t have to completely cut an area off, as long as the player can’t get through without cheating.

I didn’t mention this before, but try and tailor the specific baddies to the tileset. Labrats, Skeletons, Demons and Fat Chicks don’t really belong in a castle tileset (There’s very few levels where a Fat Chick does belong, by the way), so replace them with Fencers and Bats. It’s amazing how much sharper a level looks with the proper goons.

Take out a few of the powerups in the warp. Remove two of the three shield events. Seriously, you can only use one shield at a time anyway, so what would you need THREE for? Likewise, don’t regenerate the Demons. It’s hard enough to figure out how to get out of the warp, so don’t make it any tougher. Eradicate the invisible thorns. They’re annoying.

Oh, and take out the funky Jazz Airboard crate. It’s just plain wierd.

On a more positive note, your eyecandy was pleasant, and your music was a smart choice. I’m quoted (or I ought to be) as saying that music alone is worth up to half a level’s score in most cases. A good level with an inappropriate song suddenly becomes a failed level. Likewise, a shoddy level can gain slight recognition if it at least has a fitting track. This level had a good song…with the notable exception of the boss song, which didn’t seem to work very well. Dance music just doesn’t jibe with a castle level. Sorry. I would recommend Warhead.j2b instead. Rename it to Boss1.j2b, and warn downloaders to backup their original Boss1.j2b before extracting. That way, you can have a good boss song (As a couple of my upcoming singleplayer levels will)!

Therefore, in conclusion, I’d like to say that this level, as full of flaws and errors as it may be, is still a quality level. As long as the player liberally adjusts the lighting and uses invincibility in places, Stronghold is a decently fun stage. Look for an even better version in the future, after GreenTechB makes a few strategic changes.

For now, though, I’ll have to give it a 5.8, although I WILL recommend a download simply so that you (the reader) can appreciate its potential.

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Review by GreenTechB

23 Nov 2011, 08:18
CTF Bug (5 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings5 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

soon will be a second upload, i’m now working on a level with rage of aquarius tileset, with a more complex story. when i have time i’ll repair this level, thanks for the advices (:

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