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12 Apr 2013 at 18:09 (Minor update on 12 Apr 2013)

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FawFul (More uploads by FawFul)
Violet CLM for tileset, Loonie for music (not Loon from jj2 xP), Cooba mostly for help and testing
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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ezGloom.j2l Gloom 14.00 kB 12 Apr 2013
ezGloomnoscript.j2l Gloom 14.00 kB 12 Apr 2013
RaneforusV N.j2t RaneforusV Night 198.96 kB 27 Jun 2010
loonie_-_vikings.xm vikings 894.03 kB 27 Sep 2010
ezgloom.j2as 0.83 kB 11 Apr 2013


an average size battle level made for bash 15. includes some j2as scripting for the water and blaster appearance. and requires the newest jj2+ to let destruct scenery respawn. But you can also play the nonscripted version that does not include any of those listed above feautures.

Also the first uploaded Raneforus V level! although the set has been out for ages!

Hf, Rate & comment.



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Quick Reviews Average: 9.2

RecommendedSuperjazz rated 9

Here’s a very high quality battle level with also a small bit of angelscript added to the mix for visual enhancements. The level was well designed with a hard-to-use, yet not that limited tileset. Actually this tileset conversion has been barely used at all, which makes this level even more original, as well in the way it was used. Download this!

RecommendedFoly rated 9.7

It’s a shame that good levels nowadays don’t get downloaded and rated that much. I really love the atmosphere in this level. The tileset is very original, it’s hard to use imo but you managed to make it look very good. But most important is ofcourse that this level is really fun to play.

RecommendedPurpleJazz rated 9

an incredibly atmospheric level. it’s amazing to see the attention to detail here, even if the tileset usage is relatively simple. it was fun to run around this level, so i’m sure it plays well too.

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