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26 Jun 2013 at 09:43 (Minor update on 26 Jun 2013)

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ThunderWalker (More uploads by ThunderWalker)
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1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)

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Credits.txt 0.67 kB 26 Jun 2013
TWCCC.j2l Carcinogenic Cola Construction 4.89 kB 25 Jun 2013
TWDF.j2l Deadly Falls 4.39 kB 25 Jun 2013
TWM-DOM.j2l Domination Monstrosity 34.35 kB 26 Jun 2013
TWM.j2l Golden Monstrosity 34.28 kB 20 Jun 2013
TWSPCave.j2l The Cave 8.77 kB 24 Jun 2013
TWTest.j2l ThunderWalker's Test 7.37 kB 09 Jul 2012
CrysilisV.j2t CrysilisV 140.23 kB 11 Jan 2008
IC - Jungrock2.j2t IC - Jungrock2 211.70 kB 15 Jul 2011
JJ1 Industrius 2005.j2t JJ1: Industrius 2005 93.67 kB 30 Apr 2005
Top3jung.j2t Top Secret ]l[ 1.10 106.00 kB 23 Feb 2010 Revenge of the Cats 623.08 kB 16 Apr 2011
song10.s3m ush (maxi re-mix) 109.95 kB 15 Jan 1998
SONG8.S3M 114.95 kB 14 Jun 2008


My second mappack is a big, fat, oddball mappack, like what you should expect from me.

It consists of two new levels, an unreleased SinglePlayer gimmick level, my Test, and the re-release of Monstrosity as well as a Domination version of this map. Oddly enough, all levels except the test, share in common that there is no visible sky in either of those, and I decided to derive the name of the mappack from this fact.

Carcinogenic Cola Construction is an oddball map, like all of my maps, using the Industrius tileset. It is fairly large considering the fact it has no springs, but moving around should not prove too difficult due to the numerous moving platforms that the tileset contains.

A Toast, Pepper and Blaster PU and Fastfire’s form the PU layout of this map, and there is ammo of every kind bar Electroblaster. There are three C’s scattered throughout the map as well. It takes a while to get used to the map layout, but it works. No bias to any character, as Lori can do everything Jazz and Spaz can here. I suggest this map for 2vs2 and 3vs3, but duels work here as well though they can be somewhat lengthy.

Deadly Falls is a “quickie”, a battle map made within only a few hours without too much thinking and based around a simple concept; the entire level is basically a pit, and as such I resorted to my favorite cavern tileset, and as such it is one I am familiar with, in the form of ChrysilisV.

Though there is a safe path above the pit, it does not contain much of use outside of some ammo, as well as a lower path with two moving Boll Platforms.
There are no PU’s outside of a Fastfire warp, but there is only one carrot, and taking it is quite a risky endeavor due to its placement above the two Boll Platforms. This ensures that duels here should go fairly fast. Anything larger than duels here is possible but will be weird.

For a while I wanted to work with Angelscript here, but after screwing up badly I decided to forget it. I suck at coding and even mess up stuff I copy from SE.

Also note that this level is designed to be a “fuck you” to anything considered standard level design, and threat it as such.

TW’s Test is my Lori test, made ages ago but not released up to now. The first thirteen levels should not pose too much of a problem for anyone (outside of level 6), but after that the levels become gradually more difficult.

Otherwise, this test uses the tileset everyone uses for tests, just because it works so well for this purpose.

Since everybody listens his own music or even the radio while playing tests, I didn’t bother with adding fitting music much. I even forgot if I once wrote something there, and to be honest, I don’t care if I did.

TW’s Singleplayer Cave, is a level I originally made for Laro’s mappack, and it contains of all nasty tricks I could come up with for SinglePlayer levels, and as such, this level is essentially a string of nasty traps without story or much difficulty outside of those traps at all. Just traps that kill you.

Since this level is supposed to be very dark – and still is – there is almost no EC if you set the lightning off, and with the lightning on you won’t care about the lack of EC because of the sheer difficulty (especially on Hard). This is known, and as such, don’t rate the EC of this level.

Feel free to mimic any of the traps I used from JCS and use them in your own SinglePlayer levels. Check the events and especially Spike Boll settings catiously if you do though.

Monstrosity is an older level and the only level I released before. However, there were some tilebugs as well as that it was somehow not compatible with 1.23.

As such, I fixed this, as well as adding minor EC and a Domination version of this map with six control points. Also modified the huge tubes on the side slightly for Domination so you won’t miss the Domination points added there.

Having a plethora of PU’s and C’s as well as being generally huge (399 × 120), I suggest these two maps for extremely large groups of players.

One thing left to say; Have fun.

Edit: After Spaz eating the dopefish, I added the wrong tileset for one of the levels.


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Quick Reviews Average: 7.5

RecommendedRabid Rabb rated 7.5

I wanted to write a full review but in lack of time, these are quite odd levels again, I specially like the event size Dom/Ctf level. Well actually the single player level is a bit unenjoyable for me. DF is usually very annoying but unique and for me, fun idea.
You might directly go in the opposing way, but I would suggest some more orthodoxity.

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