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18 Oct 2014 at 09:41

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Bloody_Body (More uploads by Bloody_Body)
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ImprMed_1.j2t ImprMed_1 223.59 kB 18 Oct 2014
ImprMed_2.j2t ImprMed_2 224.26 kB 18 Oct 2014
ImprMed_3.j2t ImprMed_3 225.96 kB 18 Oct 2014
ImprMed_Blazing.j2t ImprMed_Blazing 224.11 kB 18 Oct 2014
ImprMed_Bloody.j2t ImprMed_Bloody 223.61 kB 18 Oct 2014
ImprMed_Crimson.j2t ImprMed_Crimson 223.91 kB 18 Oct 2014
ImprMed_CrimsonSunset.j2t ImprMed_CrimsonSunset 224.00 kB 18 Oct 2014
ImprMed_Cyan.j2t ImprMed_Cyan 226.13 kB 18 Oct 2014
ImprMed_Evil.j2t ImprMed_Evil 223.43 kB 18 Oct 2014
ImprMed_Ghostly.j2t ImprMed_Ghostly 224.58 kB 18 Oct 2014
ImprMed_Golden.j2t ImprMed_Golden 223.53 kB 18 Oct 2014
ImprMed_Marble.j2t ImprMed_Marble 223.71 kB 18 Oct 2014
ImprMed_Midnight.j2t ImprMed_Midnight 224.25 kB 18 Oct 2014
ImprMed_Morning.j2t ImprMed_Morning 223.81 kB 18 Oct 2014
ImprMed_Orange.j2t ImprMed_Orange 223.61 kB 18 Oct 2014
ImprMed_Rusty.j2t ImprMed_Rusty 223.63 kB 18 Oct 2014
ImprMed_Venom.j2t ImprMed_Venom 226.11 kB 18 Oct 2014


Hello everybody. First of all sorry for my english- probably it’s not perfect.
JJ2 is the game of my childhood. Once when I was alredy a student I downloaded JJ2 again and feeled a strong nostalgia. I learned how to use JCS and palettes and began making my own levels and tilesets for my own pleasure. Then I found your site and deсided to share my creations with you.
Now what about this pack. Actually Medivo is my favorite tileset. I looked for its conversions here but the only appropriate one was Medivo 3 by Bluespaz7. I longed for more of them! And I made them by myself.
So, what are the advantages of these tilesets?
1-High quality. In-game objects don’t change their original colors and the the paletts are good-looking
2-Variety. There are 2 original tilesets, 1 made by Bluespaz7 and 14 made by me. All of them are different.
3-Suitability. I didn’t change locations of any tiles, just added new ones into spare cells. What is important, all the 17 tilesets could be used in original levels.
4-Additionality. There are new tiles in each tileset. For example- poles, lightning, all types of blocks, plate and exit-plate with the wall behind it.
5-Fixed mask. Yes-yes I did it. Now you won’t be stucked in a wall- the mask is perfectly smooth.


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.5

Seren rated 6

This conversion set is far inferior to IC-IF Medivo, which adds more useful tiles and rearranges them for much easier use. The original Medivo tileset layout is awful and keeping it is redundant thanks to J2T Rearranger. The altered palettes vary in quality but the vast majority are way too bright or colorful to look pleasant.

RecommendedXxMoNsTeRXM rated 10

This is actually nice, even though it’s just a recolor of the medivo tileset, as Jelly said, some of them present Medivo in a completely different view.

PurpleJazz rated 5

What Sir Ementaler said. Uploading palette edits for official sets doesn’t really serve much purpose now, given how easily custom palettes can be made using AS. Just take any one of these palettes and import it into your level using the IC-IF Medivo tileset.

Recommended(SF)-SteFan-BG rated 10

I Like these title set, i take it!

[Review changed to quick review, see the review rules.

Recommendedabgrenv rated 10

Love tileset recolors
I’ll definitely use one of these if I ever want Medivo levels

RecommendedSaVn rated 9.7

This medivo conversion its wonderful.
There are new Blocks, poles, And more.
No example levels.

Overall: I appreciate these versions of Medivo.

Download reccomandation!!!!!!

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Not recommendedReview by Jelly Jam

18 Oct 2014, 14:46 (edited 30 Apr 20, 17:28)
Frog (15 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings15 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness50%

EDIT 30th April 2020 – I decided to come back to this after I realized that my rating was a bit too high. Also because I feel like now I have better knowledge of what a good tileset conversion actually needs. This is not a bad edit, and while it is certainly better than the original Medivo tileset, it does not bring anything that useful or new compared to objectively better and more well known conversions such as IC-IF Medivo. The different palettes do look cool though, so good job for that.

I give it a 5. Not bad but could’ve been better.

4 of 10 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

RecommendedReview by DennisKainz

26 Oct 2014, 15:50 (edited 4 Nov 14, 12:05 by Stijn)
Bee Boy Swarm (25 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings25 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness30%

Oh, wow! A recolor! You just gave my life a meaning!

Please, stop teasing me, admins! Just because Beelzebub persuaded you to believe I’m a pedophile, which I’M NOT, doesn’t mean whatever I say is wrong!

And this is DEFINITELY a waste of hard-disk that can be avoided by using AngelScript!

But since you admins feel gay love towards BloodyBody, I’m forced to give this recolor a 10 and a download recommendation.

I hope BloodyBody reciprocates your gay love, you intolerant communists!

[Nonsensical rating (10.0) removed. Also, what? ~Stijn]

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