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28 Oct 2023 at 15:17 (Minor update on 28 Oct 2023)

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Slaz (More uploads by Slaz)
Single player
Chandie for the tileset edit.
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
burrowsville.zip (698.35 kB)

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Burrowsville.j2l Burrowsville? 22.29 kB 24 Oct 2023
Halloween Night.j2t Halloween Night 263.43 kB 24 Oct 2023
candycorn.j2a 0.32 kB 24 Oct 2023
ghost_of_christmas.mod Ghost of Christmas 567.06 kB 24 Oct 2023
Burrowsville.j2as 1.39 kB 24 Oct 2023


Akin to Candy Goth this level was supposed to be my entry to Halloween Hare, ehh, 20XX. That pack will get a different and likely more sophisticated level from me instead. The vast majority of this level was made in the early months of 2020. Enjoy this more linear Halloween themed level for what it is.

Happy, ehh, scary halloween! Cheers!


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RecommendedPrimpy rated 8.5

It's a neat little Halloween themed SP level! I really liked the custom ghost enemies and the atmosphere.

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RecommendedReview by Violet CLM

2 Nov 2023, 00:58
I might as well work here (527 Points)
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Slaz's levels exist in a peculiar intersection of being incredibly specific to JJ2 mechanics while also not specific to traditional JJ2 level design. There are so many events that this level is built around that couldn't easily be substituted, and yet, this is not at all how the normal levels play. V-Poles, one of my favorites, are used frequently to help the player get around. Pickups are simultaneously numerous and infrequent, often placed singly instead of in groups or four or six. Some food pickups are used to mark where players should jump and so on, classic platformer design goodness, while many more are just incidental to keep the player engaged and the screen busy. Secrets are absolutely everywhere but do a good job of being clearly secrets, not the main path, except for the exit from the dark grave area, which is kind of confusing. Collapse scenery is used to great effect in an all-new(?) way to open up the level as you progress through it: there will be multiple horizontal areas built on top of each other, and once you find the way up to the next one, you can trigger collapse scenery to open up more paths for easier exploration later. Sometimes this is paired with buttstomp scenery, which I think works less well because the stomp blocks are much easier to see than the collapsible bridges, and that makes it look like something you're supposed to uppercut. Things that look like they can be shot can generally be shot. There's just an endless variety of things to do, in a variety of possible orders to do them in, letting players take control of their destinies and craft their unique gameplay experiences. But somehow this non-linear experience manages to be crossed with an ultimately linear level with three or four distinct, bounded areas with their own objectives and layouts. It's an impressive balancing act, the moreso for how natural (but rewarding) everything feels.

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RecommendedReview by FabiAN[NC]

29 Oct 2023, 00:30 (edited 7 Dec 23, 23:41)
CTF Bug (6 Points)
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when i first saw it,
i was pretty amazed by this creations!!! so good job!! :)
+ i really enjoyed it! it made me fun :))
+ the halloween desingh does fit, and it works that it looks like on halloween!
+ nice idea with the ..ghosts!!! (make sure that /plusonly on ..and /latestversiononly on … is enabled,
to see this 2x enemies in a ..transparent white )
- to the level: a few things could be better , i think!!)
+ the "coin warp" goes into a cave, inside of this cave , there is a little ufo
hmm.. not sure what it does, i didn't got all the coins, i'll try soon again to find all the needed coins
not sure what this little ufo does! :)
..anyway it's a nice idea!!
btw you need 60x coins to collect
of course i liked it to play it!! :)
your creation was a nice surprise!! :))
//message from: 30.10.2023
today i replayed it, and i found all the needed coins, the search was long, and easy to find them
finaly to the cave:
and.. that ufo seems to be a tile, ..and it's not a pickup item.
first, I thought its a new weapon, ..but i was wrong :i
and there is a message left: "This tree survived the nightmare."
btw you can not kill the ..ghosts but you can freeze them.
[hidden message] im always so much thankfull!! ,for any new selfmade creations for jazz2! to keep the game allive! :)

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