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TSF Only: Ilu'z Jazz X2: Flash from... iluz Single player 7.3 Download file

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                                   Ilu'z Jazz X2

I lied. This is my next singleplayer pack but it is sequel. Sequel to Ilu'z
Jazz X.
Is World ready to X2. I think yes.

This pack contains only 6 levels.
After that 22 level monster pack it's not much but the story goes on.
In case it doesn't. This pack is a flash back from time before Jazz X one.
This story tells why Jack was in the prison of Devanex's space station.

So you don't play as Jazz. It's Jack. Keep that in mind.


If there is character  -  before the text it means your hero (Jack) speaks.

Play this pack with Jazz or the story doesn't match at all.

Remember to rate this pack!!! And give feedback.

I will make 4 more sequels to Jazz X and they are coming soon 
(maybe not soon, but they are coming, be positive).