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* JelZe's Medivo Arena Readme *

Technical Specifications:

Creator: Jelle Zeegers (JelZe)
Level name(s): JZArena1, JZArena2 
Level size: 120x60 tiles each
Tileset: Medivo.j2t, Medivo2.j2t
Music: Medivo2.j2b

The Inside Story

Well, here's another level from JelZe! It didn't come out exactly as i had
planned. It was originally meant as a Treasure Hunt for TSF, but since i
got the 1.23 patch i've done some thinking. I started hosting games,
allways battle, mostly regular Jazz 2. Then i realised i wouldn't have much
succes with a Treasure Hunt for TSF. So i asked myself:"Why not make a
Battle for normal Jazz 2?". My Treasure Hunt for TSF wasn't doing well, so
it was perfect for a battle. But how would i convert it to regular Jazz 2?
Luckily, i also had the level on paper, so i deleted the Treasure Hunt (as
well as the rest of the TSF levels under construction) and built it under
regular. The JCS of my normal Jazz 2 game worked a lot faster than the one
for TSF, so i didn't spend as much time as i did with my Pinball Race (much
was spent while loading). And when i finished it, i tested it on-line, got
comments, and the like. So i made some adjustments to the level untill i
was happy. I am now :)
As you see i made 2 Arena's. I couldn't chose between the two Medivo sets,
so i took both. 

Levels from JelZe

Here are the levels that i made so far:

-Devil Dungeon (Single Player): My first level. Has five fun (?) puzzles to
solve. Anyone? :) Requires TSF
-JelZe's Pinball Race (Race): My first submitted level. A very long and
very tough Pinball level. Die-hards only, please! Requires TSF.
-Doomed Roasting (battle): My second battle. Need i say more? ;)

Well, that's all for now. O yeah, thanks to all who helped me test the
level on-line and who gave me suggestions!

"Red missles, gotta love'em"
- JelZe ;)