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    Blade's Battle Pack Vol #2
By: Blade

This ZIP archive includes:

 File nameName of the lvlSize (in kilobytes)

24 Battle Levels:

 AztecBattle.j2l"Andes Mountains"9 kb
 AztecBattle2.j2l"Abandoned Ancients"9 kb
 AztecBattle3.j2l"Ancient Ruins"7 kb
 AztecBattle4.j2l"The Pillars"8 kb
 BetonBattle.j2l"Hills Of Beton"8 kb
 BetonBattle2.j2l"Beton Valley"9 kb
 BetonBattle3.j2l"Asphalt Jungle"8 kb
 BetonBattle4.j2l"Cold As Asphalt"6 kb
 RocksBattle.j2l"Hard Rock"7 kb
 RocksBattle2.j2l"Bash By A Boulder"6 kb
 RocksBattle3.j2l"Stone Smashing"5 kb
 RocksBattle4.j2l"Pertified Rabbit"4 kb
 GlacierBattle.j2l"Frosty Fighting"11 kb
 GlacierBattle2.j2l"Feeling Chilly"11 kb
 GlacierBattle3.j2l"The Fields Of Ice"5 kb
 GlacierBattle4.j2l"The Iceberg"6 kb
 DesertBattle.j2l"Burning Desert"9 kb
 DesertBattle2.j2l"Completely Deserted"9 kb
 DesertBattle3.j2l"Quick Sands"6 kb
 DesertBattle4.j2l"Cactus Combat"6 kb
 WasteBattle.j2l"Black Metal"6 kb
 WasteBattle2.j2l"The Corkscrew"5 kb
 WasteBattle3.j2l"Top Secret Technology" 6 kb
 WasteBattle4.j2l"Pipe Frenzy"5 kb

7 Tilesets:

 Aztec.j2t44 kb
 Beton.j2t29 kb
 Beton Night.j2t29 kb
 Desert.j2t48 kb
 Glacier.j2t41 kb
 Rocks.j2t29 kb
 Wasteland.j2l37 kb

6 Music files

 Azworld.j2b"World Of Dreams"711 kb
 Dreamland.j2b"Dream Land"286 kb
 Mysterious.j2b"Mysterious Times"975 kb
 Qsystem51.j2b"System 51"739 kb
 Scndtime.j2b"Second Time"718 kb
 Splanet.xm"Summer Planet"1 162 kb

And this readme file.

Total 38 files, 5 005 kb.

     About this pack

This is battle pack, includes now 24 battle levels, using my tilesets
(Aztec, Beton, Rocks, Glacier, Desert and Wasteland). Has ten already 
released levels, but those levels are updated. (Bug fixing...etc.) This
pack has the final versions of my oldest tilesets, Aztec, Beton and Rocks.
This pack also includes some custom music. Please read "Tileset
Information" section, there is more info about the tilesets. Have a nice
playing time.

Please play in 16-bit mode, if possible. Yes, I made (Iceman teached me
how) the warp backgrounds work in 8-bit modes, but everything looks too
sharp (Gems, transparencies, warp backgrounds...etc) in these

This pack starts from level "Andes Mountains" (AztecBattle.j2l), but you
can start playing from other levels too. The levels are mixed now.

For level makers and everybody else:
  If you are making level using my tileset and don't know all the tricks
how use these sets,   or just want to see how I made  these levels, this
can help you. Password to all levels in   this pack is simply "blade".

For those people who want to know how I made these tilesets:
 I Just used 4-years old Paint Shop Pro 4 (I think v4 is the best) I used
just regular  brush. No any filters or other technical stuff.

If you have questions or comments, send an email to me.
And please do not ask about the music looping bug. The music won't loop,
and the reason probably is in the modules I converted to be JJ2 compatible.

Notice: Levels and tilesets are made with Jazz Jackrabbit version v1.23.

tileset Information

1.  Aztec (1999-2000)

 - Was my first tileset.
 - It's an old tileset, over two years.
 - It was also original JJ2 uncompatible. (I made the first release with
 - Now my largest tileset, 470 tiles.
 - First time released: 24.2.2000, Website was "Universe Jazz".

2.  Beton and Beton Night (2000)

 - My second tileset.
 - These are too pretty big ones, 450 tiles.
 - These tilesets were too v1.23 uncompatible.
 - First time released couple of weeks before 8.3.2000 (This one is the 2nd
release's date, sorry, couldn't find the original one.) Universe Jazz was
the site where the release was.

3.  Rocks (2000)

 - My third one.
 - This one has always been my smallest tileset, 270 tiles.
 - Has two working warp backgrounds. Yay.
 - This one was v1.23 uncompatible. (Now my all releases are made with old
and good v1.23)
 - Released first time: 14.6.2000, Universe Jazz.

4.  Glacier (2000-2001)

 - My fourth tileset.
 - Not very big one, I think, but it has all you need making a freezing ice
level. 390 tiles.
 - The last TSF release.
 - First release date was 7.9.2000, First release at Jazz2Online.

5.  Desert (2000-2001)

 - My fifth tileset.
 - I used lots of time making this one ready.
 - This was my first original JJ2 (v1.23) compatible release.
 - Has 450 tiles.
 - First releasing date: 29.9.2000, Jazz2Online.

6.  Wasteland (2000)

 - My next release, 6th.
 - A techno stylish tileset.
 - First release used the original JJ2.
 - Has 360 tiles.
 - First releasing date: 10.11.2000, Jazz2Online.

The number next to the tileset name means the developing years.

More stuff I've made.

 Another Dimension
 - The biggest ever released single player episode; 27 levels, plus 7
secret ones.
 - All JJ2's tilesets are used. (Plus TSF tilesets, Holiday Hare '98
tilesets and Mez's masterpieces)
 - Lots of high quality custom music.
 - The Secret Files is needed. (v1.24) 

Coming Someday...

 - Nothing at this moment. I'll take a break now. I'll be ordinary JJ2
player for a while. Maybe I'll later release my seventh tileset. The theme
will be wood.

Contact Info

 Tilesets & battle levels by:
 Blade (Sampo Vesanen) from Finland.
 My ICQ:61021848
 Musics:"World Of Dreams" (Aztec levels) by AlienZoul 
 "Dream Land" (Beton levels) by DreaMSection
"Mysterious Times" (Rocks levels) by DreaMSection 
"Summer Planet" (Glacier levels) by Dj TheCroWn
"System 51" (Desert levels) by Quasian
"Second Time" (Wasteland levels) by Quasian

 Pack build date:27.1.2001
 Big thanks:To Iceman for teaching me the warp background making.
To music artists
 Greetings to:All the people in JJ2 I've seen.

 Useful links:( 
  JASC's homepage, the maker of Paint Shop Pro.

  The site where I found the musics for this pack.   Lots of good music,
but there's too some stupid songs too.  

Artist Contact Info


 Dj TheCroWn

  Email:He don't mention it anywhere.