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TSF Only: Ilu'zJazzX 3 : Save... iluz Single player 6.5 Download file

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        j azz X        3
        j           333  
     j  j              3
      jj           3333

   Behold!!! The newest part of the "FAMOUS" levelpack is now released
& available.

  Info: This is a sequel so you don't need to purchase the first two parts 
        (but I recomend to download them)

  system recuirements: -Pentium III or better!!

                       -Windows 95 or 98 or 2000 or any other thingy where
Jazz2 works :)
                       -Nothing else

  Oikeesti t LP on lyhyt, eik edes mikn kovin vaikuttava (mut ei kerrota
sit muille)

          There is a shocking change in the plot. You have been warned!! 


                              pack made by Iluz.