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1. Short story of this tileset:
During the theology studies (catholic) I got an idea to make first religous
What's more, I hadn't seen any gothic tiles in j2o. So I stared drawing
this since Janurary
2008. During the works, Dodges and Sperry joined to team. Also my sister
Cif draw
many of sculptures. And we finaly end this in July 2008. I hope it wouldn't
be controversial
pack :) (this Jesus looks nice in TSF). 

2. How to use:

Tileset have 2 version: for 1.23 and TSF. There is only one difrence
between them:
background. I think, that in 1.23 version you can use the leafs as 6 and 7
If you want to make bautiful catherdal for your marriage, you can send me
to I hope you create nice churches :).
There is one bug in in "Gothic Example 1.23.j2l": password. We erased them,
so you must
press only enter to see this level.

3. Authors

I'm Galavant (if you don't know), and I maked 60-70%. Dodges helped me with
sucker tubes,
woods and some detalis. Sperry maked other thinks plants, grass. She was
our florist :D.
Cif maked vases and many sculptures, and she also add some gothic

4. Credits

Greetings for Sperry, Cif and Dodges for help. Also for Slayer, because I
forget him
about much of time (I hopu you understand what I think). And greetings for
every jackrabbit
fans, Christians and non-belivers, who search the truth :)