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Plastic Fortress of Vytoh - Jazz 2 Level

Name :Plastic Fortress of Vytoh
Type :Battle Level
Author :Commander Dats
Time :on and off over a period of 4 days..
Tileset Used :Plastic Dreams by Cmdr Dats (me! :))
Size :Biggish
Music File :rpt_army.xm
Bugs Found :None.

Comments :

too darn lazy 2day... :)

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Greetz :

Xeno, Disguise, Xeye, Amy, Poisonfoot, Katie, my parents (oh no, can't 4get
them! haha), all u guys & girls on my AIM buddy list and any1 else out
there that actually took the time to read this file and play my level..
thank you! :))

Disclaimer :

The author accepts no responsibility for bad things happening as result of
the contents of this package.. (i'm lazy 2day aren't i?)

Till l8r ppl!! feel free to e-mail me....

Commander Dats ( ; )

"The power of faith is quiet. It is the leaf unmoved by the hurricane."

The level and readme file is Copyright (c) 2000 Deon Moolman. All Rights