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~MattW's 6 level CTF Pack~
Level 1: Night Power Plant CTF
Size: 100 x 50
Comments: I know, the level may be small, and the bases mught be too  
close together, But still, this IS the first level in the pack...

Level 2: The HPZ CTF
Size: 256 x 64
Comments: Probaly the biggest level in the pack, and is the first level to
include a bonus (Not telling you what's inside it though :) I will tell you
that the warp on the left goes to a drop with warps after you go left
(again) to the blue base.

Level 3: EleCTF
Size: 40 x 20
Comments: This was my first CTF level. `Nuff said.

Level 4: ChemJump
Size: 234 x 17
Comments: My first level, converted into CTF. It used to be Single    

Level 5: CellLocked
Size: 256 x 64
Comments: Probaly the level that causes the most trouble. You have to 
float to the other side. How? Float up events, how else?

Level 6: Swamped out CTF
Size: 115 x 30
Comments: Probaly the hardest level in the pack. It has an iNViSiBLE MAZE
between the bases (You can skip it, if you have 20 coins :) It also uses a
non-fixed version of Jazz 1: Muckamo.

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