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JJ2 1.23 vanilla: A Dark Passage BlackDeath Single player 7.5 Download file

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This is a readme to go with the file

The zipfile is supposed to contain the following files:

- mp12.j2l
- Cyberspaz Tileset (2 of them)
- This readme file (Mp12 Readme.txt)
- Music file wessyT2K.mod


Yes, you've guessed it, this level was supposed to go somewhere after the
chemical plant (mp3.j2l)
when you found the exit. It's a passage near the draining system, where the
air tubes out are.
Time to go!


- Turn ambient lighting on
- Don't mind the amount of enemies on some occasions, it might be wise to
walk while you are not able
to loose life (when hit).

Creator info

Tileset created by cyberspaz

Level by me (BlackDeath aka Fear)

Email me with comments, tips, suggestions or requests at

Now go play.