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Hello all, my nick is Byggemester and I'm from Denmark. I used to play JJ2
throughout my childhood and I freaking loved it,
it was awesome. It's now 7-8 years ago I played this for real, and I
recently rediscovered the awesomeness of this game,
 and I even took a step further and got back into the JCS level-making
I quickly relearned my tricks in making levels that I used many years
so here I am, with a brand new single player episode that hopefully wont
disappoint you guys too much.

Sorry for all the text, lets get down to business.

For unknown reasons, Jazz is stranded in a hideous place called
and god knows on which planet that is. It's not on planet Earth though. 
Jazz must escape the dreadfulness of the appalling place and exterminate
hundreds of 
irritating demons, dragons and other immense creatures who have interest in
harming Jazz and thus preventing his escape. 
That's really all the history there is to it: 
Escape Crapatarous and the evilness of it!

I had to split up the level into TWO different .j2l-files. That is because
the initial .j2l was pretty big, 
and at a certain point in the lvl, gun shootings would not function
properly for some reason. 
Thus, I split the level into two files, but it shouldn't have any negative
impact on the gameplay.

All feedback concerning my little episode-nugget here is very much
appreciated by me, 
and I hope to get some responses (on Jazz2Online) to see which things I
should of done different, and such.

Wall of text, I know... Let me know if you guys have any problems playing
this episode.  

Good luck with Crapatarous, you will (maybe) need it...'
/Gustav alias Byggemester