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Sandy Canyon 
this level is an entry for SJ`s JJnet Duel Tournament v3.0 Level Contest.

Game: Jazz Jackrabbit 2
Version: 1.23
Author: Crazy Rabbit
Gamemode: CTF
Custom Mode: No
Carrots: 1 and 1 full
UPs: Bouncer, RF, Seeker.

;D have fun

Level by Crazy Rabbit
Tileset by Purplejazz and Birdie
Music: Tupac Katary by Americanta
Readme by Crazy Rabbit xD lol
BetaTested by Jgke, Snooze, DarkSonic, Fawful, Purplejazz, Ktos

Level: zcave.j2l
Tileset: xlmbeach3.j2t
Music: TupacKatary.mp3
Music URL:
Readme: PIRATE ME.txt