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The Demon Invasion -By Moonblaze

Quick Infomation:

-The first level's filename is TDI_01.j2l
-The first level's name is Carrotus in the Target


Thanks for downloading my pack.

Not all levels are such long, but they've eyecandy, and they're not
supposed to be easy.
There's no easy/medium/hard options in the levels, only Jazz2's own



Jazz woke up in the castle suddenly, he thought he heard some noises.
He took the secret way out of the castle...

Idea with story:

The idea itself is a building up story, you do find out more as more levels
you get thought.



I'm not sure if Lori can play this, I never got to test, but I'm pretty
sure on she should being able to
win all the levels. In some levels I would even recom her great carate

1.20 - 1.22

Sorry, but most of the levels dosen't work without trigger zone. If you
have windows, you can download
the 1.23 patch at: