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Level name:       Fright Night CTF
Version:          -Finished-  (TSF)
Release Date:      12/8/00
Author:           martin aka partydude
password:         scare (intended for linking of levels only)

Two rival houses fight for claim over the graves of 
their fallen heros. The Decider will be a CTF Match.

  * Add'd start places 
  * extra ammo
  * eye candy problem's fixed 
  * extra springs and stuff
  * more eye candy
  * Password included
  * did i mention eye candy?

Martin aka partydude, level maker

Thanks to, in no realistic order:

Wakeman, Beta Tester
White Fang, Beta Tester
Black Ninja, Beta Tester
Tweety, Beta Tester
Aiko, Beta Tester
Dizzy, Beta Tester
Roaster, Beta Tester(old version)

Thanks to:


Oh yeah and to you for downloading. :)