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---====Darkened Landscape====---

Tileset Name:    Darkened Landscape

Tileset Size:    270 Tiles

File Size:       31kb

Completion Time: 3 Days I think

Level Name:      Darkened Landscape

Level Size:      50x50

Level Type:      Battle

Author:          Disguise[GpW] of J2LC
Icq:             18989030
AIM:             DisguiseDA

Music Name:      Desert Dream 2

Music Size:      144kb

Music Author:    Laxity
Ah yes, we all remember the day when it all starts, the day we decide to
make our first tileset, the insane and unthinkable themes we can think of.
Well, this was my first, and I can still remember how I wanted to make the
scariest set there was. Things that went through my mind were DRIPPING
BLOOD, ANGRY RED EYES, SCARY, DARK! Of course that's as far as I could
think. 'Layers' wasn't in my vocabulary, and texture was as strange to me
as those sticky pieces of food you find under your plate. Yes, I was a
n00b, and the tileset that I made reflected that. Of course I never
uploaded the set, the mask didn't work and all the tiles were moved one
pixel to the left (or was ir right?), So fixing it was a distant memory.
Besides, there was only that much that the dreaded MSPaint could do. Later
on I got PSP5, a tool with powers way beyond those of my own. I  made my
first fully operational tileset (my 5th attempt), Ultimate World and I was
amazingly pleased with myself and the results, but I was still a n00b. Of
course later on my memories of my first attempts at tilesets were pleasant
ones, and I fixed them all, but still never uploaded them. Only now, that I
moved from South Africa to the UK, and Lost all my sets, do I really miss
the pleasure I had of looking at them every now and then. So, this is where
this tileset comes in! It's a remake of my ver first tileset, but looks a
LOT better. Of course the general design is still there, but since my
knowledge of sets have increased i've made it accordingly.  This was also
finished a long time before it actually got uploaded. Made for the same
reason as FiShY! so it suffered the same fate, until now, enjoy the set! :D

Legal Stuff:
You're not allowed to edit the tileset or any of its contents without my
permission. Enough contact details have been given for you to contact me so
there is no excuse. When you use this tileset for a level, credit for the
tileset should be included. This can be done by:
-Using the tiles with my name that are provided
-Adding it in a text board in the level
-Adding it in a seperate text file provided with the zip of the level