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              Streetwize Slayers

       A battle level cerated by CelL



Name:Streetwize Slayers
Author:        CelL
TileSet used:Townhouse Day
Beta Tester(s):         RagE, Newspaz, Aiko
Game type:        Battle
Jazz2 version:          Needs Jazz2 version 1.24 (TSF) to play.
Bugs:                   None, otherwise I would've fixed 'em =)
Other things:           Not a kangaroo, darnit
Password:               Contact me if you need the password for anything

         --=={HOW TO PLAY THIS LEVEL}==--

Unzip all the files into your Jazz2 TSF directory.
Go to single player -> home cooked levels and select 
streetbattle.j2l from the list, or go to party mode ->
battle and type in streetbattle.j2l to play.

           --=={AUTHOR'S NOTES}==--

I started on this level a while ago. It wasn't going
very fast, so I abandoned the project and started work
on something else.. A few days ago, I came across it in
my home cooked levels list, and i decided it was time to
finish it =). The town tileset was fun to use, even though 
it was a bit hard to get the hang of. I thought i should 
make a battle level for a change, since I haven't made one
in ages, and also because i don't think this is a very good 
tileset for CTF levels... ;)


CelL may be contacted via ICQ number 156797645          


CelL, level maker. (oh wait thats me ;)
RagE, overall good guy and beta tester.
Newspaz, one of the guys who hosts euro JDC events for us (thanks
Newspaz!:) and beta tester
Aiko, another beta tester and.. well, who doesn't know Aiko? =)
Skulg, good friend and an awesome artist. =)
Defalcon, for... yeah. I guess. ;)
And everyone else i forgot to mention! ;)



       Level is CopyRight (C) 2002 by CelL