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Name Author Game Mode Rating
TSF Only: Hustar (waz01mk3) Waz Tileset 7.9 Download file
JJ2 1.23 vanilla: Imroved Waz01 "Hustar"Featured Download Waz Tileset 8.4 Download file

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Hustar (waz01mk3)

This zip-file should contain:

Tileset: Hustar3.j2t

Levels: HustDemo1.j2l + HustDemo2.j2l

Music: try17.j2b + 501trk09.j2b



Welcome back to Hustar! Since I now know how to use the jazz2palette with
I tried to re-remake this tileset. And here's what came out. Hope you guys
like it.

This version of the tileset is not compatible with any older version.

Please try out both levels, to see the different background possibilities


Have fun!