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Arcane Weapons

Meteor Gun
Replaces: Bouncer

Fires small meteors that arc downwards. 
The powered-up version fires larger, red hot meteors which split into two
smaller meteors on impact.

Cosmic Duster
Replaces: Ice

Shrouds the player in cold space dust, freezing anything that comes close. 
The powered-up version has a slightly larger freeze radius.

Mortar Launcher
Replaces: Seeker

Fires large missiles in a parabolic trajectory at a steep upwards angle. 
These missiles have considerable splash damage; which can be used to take
powerups through walls. 
Powered-up missiles travel further and faster.

Nail Gun
Replaces: RF

Shoots long nails at high speed which stick to walls and can penetrate
multiple targets. 
These nails pierce enemies and can pin them to nearby walls. 
Nails which are stuck in walls can be used as temporary platforms. 
Powered-up nails travel faster and stick to walls for longer.

Tornado Gun
Replaces: Toaster

Fires mini-tornadoes which fly upwards and blow away enemies in addition to
doing damage if they are hit directly. 
Powered-up tornadoes travel faster and blow enemy players harder.

Lightning Rod
Replaces: TNT

Drops small Van-Der-Graaf generators which act as a stationary electrical
hazard for 6 seconds when they land on the ground. 
This weapon always deals 2 damage regardless of TNT damage setting.
Ammo is capped at a maximum of 10; pickups grant 1 ammo.

Sanguine Spear
Replaces: Pepper Spray/Fireball

Launches spears made of blood which travel in a slight downwards arc. 
Fires more spears per shot the lower your health is relative to the
The powered-up version is acidic and has a longer range. 
Cannot be fired underwater.

Fusion Cannon
Replaces: Electro Blaster

Fires slow-moving blasts of atomic energy which produce explosions with
exceptionally large blast radii. 
Can be used to acquire powerups in walls. 
The powered-up version has no special effect aside from increased damage.
Ammo is capped at a maximum of 25; pickups grant 2 ammo.