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Sources of inspiration for Aztec 2, a 2018 JJ2 tileset by Blade

In this text file you will find links to images which I have been fortunate
enough the have stumbled upon. 
These images have been an inspiration for me during the creation of Aztec
2. This file is to give tribute 
to the original artists (or at least give means to find the image if artist
is unknown) and spread word 
about their amazing art.

The starting point for the entire tileset is this image:

Background evening color scheme, layout and clouds (art by Desix)

Mountain range in the background: (art from Wildfire, an indie game by Sneaky

Inspiration for the structure of the basic stone blocks: (links to Pinterest)

Bricks: (DeviantArt: Rock bricks texture by Skazdal)

The pillars and pillar ornaments: (DeviantArt: Broken Stone Pillar by Goodlyay)

Rocky ground environment:

Gemstones: (DeviantArt: Tutorial: How to draw Jewels by oni1ink)

Trees: (pixelart tutorial #2, art by Henk Nieborg) (pixelart tutorial #4, art by Henk Nieborg)

Waterfall animation:

Light green leaves: (art by Saint11)

Crystal: (DeviantArt: Pixel Crystal - Step by Step by NeoZ7)

The plum and spike fruit thing are from another evergreen platformer, the
original Rayman <3 <3 <3