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"Faux Symmetry"
Title"Faux Symmetry"
AuthorElectric Ir
Year of Production2019
Country of OriginThe Netherlands
Production windowJanuary 1 - 15, 2019
Last Update20-1-2019 
Game modeCapture The Flag
Capacity2-10 players
"Faux Symmetry" is a seemingly symmetrical Capture the Flag level, to kind
of level the playing field.

After re-purchasing Jazz2 with the included Plus patch, I decided to use a
bit of my spare time to
create another level. Rather than dusting off old scraps (and believe me, I
still have tons of old levels),
I decided to start from scratch with a tileset all too familiar to
everyone. I wanted to go old school with this one.

Thank you for downloading. 

-Electric Ir
Mez01 by Mez

Chrysalis (Jazz Jackrabbit 1 Crysilis remix) by Flightning

Level Design
Electric Ir

Online beta testing
Jety, [CDF]Naps, Jelly[GpW]Jam, KRSplat GpW, WarrenCx, A7med[GpW],
P-F[GpW], Negociu_Ionut, Treya
Lynx[GpW], Zero, (TX)[NSC]North, [NEO]Metal Overlord

User quotes
"This level is like from 2000-2001 or so"
"Level good"

___________.____     ____________________  
\_   _____/|    |    \_   _____/\_   ___ \ 
 |    __)_ |    |     |    __)_ /    \  \/ 
 |        \|    |___  |        \\     \____
/_______  /|_______ \/_______  / \______  /
        \/         \/        \/         \/ 
 2019. All rights reserved.

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