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floating space around...
As all it seems so aimless
To me in space...
Seems that I've got myself out a fate!

Know it... Right... Yeah.
But you
can tust me,
you know who I am, A mind trooper
Yes, you know, I Play my own

By mind control
I'm passing dimensions
My brain device
For self

I send this notes eternaly
Away toward divinity

So set a
spring all-world-widly
it's time travel - Space Colony

Holding on a future
Lift your legs up from the ground
I listen to my own CD
havens shine
clears as it seems to me

Get in on a future sound
Mind control is

I play it on my own CD
Using it's technology
I use my mind, And
No therapy.
Y.C. trooper of insanity
signs off...

And from time to
We seems that we losing our mind
in that all so infinite and
losing ourself around
but remember we can go on again,
eternally, in a space with no aims...

But i don't care if i'm anyway
know, still free
Maybe I'll found some serenety...
You know, Floating
around aimlessly,
You know It's me...

|###| Sample Name                |
|001| Space Colony Zone          |
|002| By Advertise Playtrip      |
|003| ----------                 |
|004| untitled                   |
|005| untitled                   |
|006| untitled                   |
|007| untitled                   |
|008| Room                       |
|009| Electronic                 |
|010| Power                      |
|011| Yum! Yum! Luv Gundam! =)   |