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Well every level pack has a story so here it goes:

One sunny day on the planet Marklen Lori was taking a vacation. She was
reading a book lying on the grass and
her spaceship was near by.(Jazz's sister DOES have a spaceship doesnt
she?). Then, she got bored and decided to go exploring.
She wandered of into a nearby forest. She kept walking and walking until
she was lost. Then she overheard a coversation.
"Whatcha gonna do?" "Im going to get revenge!" "How?" "By creating a
deathray to blow ip Carrotuss!" Lori had a frightened look on her face.
"I need you to go to the planet Wastoid for me!" "Why?" "To bring together
the parts needed to complete the deathray!"
Lori decided to run and CRUNCH. She stepped on some loose ground. "Who's
there?" asked one of them. Lori ran outta there.
She ran back to her spaceship and took out her cellphone. She immediately
called Jazz. Meanwhile at Carrotus Jazz was having a party for a special
It was the anniversary of the day he and Spaz beat Devan. As he was having
a dance with Eva, his phone rang. He picked it up, and it was lori.
She gave him all the details of what happend. Jazz was to head over to
wastoid to stop the enemy. He quickly hung up, grabbed Spaz away from
stuffing hi face in cake, and ran off to his spaceship.
He and Spaz took off.

           *           *                *               *

These are the semi-stories of how Jazz got onto the planets.

As Jazz and Spaz were riding on their spaceship, they had a problem, they
forgot to refuel. They had to land on a nearby planet and get some gas. A
colorful planet was nearby.
This lego created planet was once peaceful until invaded by evil turtles
and monkeys. For the sake of the plush toy spaz corp.TM. You must rid this
planet of evil.

After clearing the first planet, the villagers happily give Jazz a lifetime
supply of fuel. He heads off. As he enters the galaxy of Mariana, he
approaches wastoid.
Suddenly, he is shot down and crashlands on a nearby dangerous planet.
Aztooc: This ancient planet was once inhabited by ancient lizard beasts,
but now mostly inhabited by bugs and monkeys. Many mazes and secrets await

After finding the right parts to repair his ship, Jazz takes off once
again. He is about to enter Wastoid's atmosphere, when BAM, he is hit by a
passing comet. He is knocked unconsious. As he regains himself, he realizes
this isnt a comet.
Its one of Wastoids moons. As he gets out, Brrrrrr. Its a Winterwonderland.
He hears a great roar from one of the snow caves and doesnt like the sound
of that. He decides to go give this big bully a lesson.
Freazon:One of Wastoid's moons, its a freezing planet only inhabited by
Snowbirds, reptiles and mutant hounds. You must "fix" this planet of all
unfriendly creatures. To do that, you must enter the cave.

After getting off Freazon, Jazz enters Wastoid's atmosphere. It is known as
the dump planet. Mutated rats and dogs live here as well as slimesuckers.
You must stop the mysterious enemy at all costs.
Wastoid: The dump of the galaxy, this planet is covered with junk, although
useful parts appear frequently.

 After finding out its devan, Jazz gets pissed. He gets on his spaceship
and tails devan's space ship. Then suddenly he is abducted by a cloaked
Space: The ship he is abducted by has nothing to do with devan.
Unfortunately, it is a slave ship which steals creatures and turns them
into slaves. Uh oh, you better find a way out!
Space secret: If you are lucky enough to find  the teleporter pad you will
be warped to the planet where the slave traders keep their loot. Whatch out
for slaves though.

After getting off, the smoke from devans spaceship is still fresh. He
follows it until he is bombarded by an asteroid shower.
Asteroid shower: It is said this was once a planet blown up by a feirce
creatures rage. Rumor has it the creature is still hiding in one of the

After defeating the creature, Jazz sees Devan's ship. He crashed into an
asteroid, the fool.
As you approach him. He chuckles, he holds up a bright orange sphere. "Alas
I have found this, the time sphere, it will take me back to the past. To
where the last peice of the deathray is!"
You run at him shooting, but suddenly everything turns white.
You appear in a big big library.
Library of time: This is the library which stores all that happened in the
past. Devan hopes to seek out the time of where the final part existed.
Beware of bookslugs (suckers) and minion rats (labrats)

Finally, Jazz caught up to Devan, but its to late, Devan has found the
piece and has it in his hands. Jazz takes out his gun and takes a shot a
Devan. Devan cowardly ducks and holds his timesphere in front of him. The
hits the timesphere and it explodes. Suddenly Jazz and Devan are warped to
the future. The future after Devan found the final piece. Jazz wanders
around looking at all the new technology, but hopes to find Devan and
destroy the deathray. 
But he also wonders where he is, and what time it is. Did Eva and spaz
survive the blast of the deathray, and did Devan even aim it at carrotus?
All these questions, but no answers.
Future: The final level, after finishing the deathray, Devan, over the
years, built a lab with the latest technology. His minion turtles even
created a generating device which makes turts keep coming with only one
thought in their heads, slaughter Jazz.

As Jazz defeats Devan, he is shocked by his last words, "Its to late,
carrotus Is destroyed." That means Eva, Spaz and all the rabbits are gone!
Then Jazz drops his gun, and hangs his head in shame. He looks around, and
stumbles onto a time machine. "YES!" Jazz exclaims, "Ill use this to go to
the past before this happend!"
He presses a few buttons, but cannot understand this new technology, and
therefore fails. He angrily starts shooting the time machine when suddenly
it explodes. Jazz falls into a time warp and warps back to the carrotus
castle. He looks around and jumps up and down with joy. He runs out in the
hall and sees Eva. 
He runs at her and hugs her saying "I missed you" She looks confused and
says, "You havent seen me for only 5 minutes!?"
Then Jazz remembers about Devan and his deathray. He runs out in the main
chamber and notices cake. "I went back to the time of the anniversary of
Devans defeat!"
He quickly jumps into his spaceship, and flies off to Sirius, the planet of
Devans lab. As he arrives, he notices the technology is not as good as it
was in the future. He sees the deathray, unfinished, and blows it up with
TNT. Then he climbs into his spaceship and flies bakc home.

"I have a good plan, see, im going to look for the remaining parts needed
to build a special device called a deathray." Devan said to one of his
minions as they were approaching the room with the deathray. "The rabbit
wont know that im even constructing it, and he wont know what hit him when
I blow up his planet!" Devan told.
"Here ill show the uncompleted Deathray to you." said Devan as they entered
the room. "Uh boss, somethings wrong." The minion said.

Devan looked at his deathray and noticed it was busted into ashes.

"Happy anneversary" told Eva. "Yes, I think this is the best one yet!"
happily replied Jazz/