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JJ2 1.23 vanilla: Rux0riffic! jeh Single player 7.8 Download file

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Rux0riffic Readme

Created: About 7 months ago.

This file is the first single player level I created some 7 months ago when
I first
started tinkering with JCS. I kept coming back and changing things up until
Feb this year,
but trust me on the 7 months thing :)

It's got its faults but all in all is a pretty good level.

Looking back now, faults to note in this level are the excessive use of
food pickups
and gems :)

There are lots of test puzzles and things which were just thrown together
as I thought
of them, it plays pretty well but it's a good indication also of how easy
to use JCS is.
I created this after only a week of practise. All in all Rux0riffic took
about 4 days.

So have fun.

Ah.. the nostalgia. :)

- Jon MacLellan