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Readme-Type Thing for Colonial Clash v. 2.0000000034

by Rocky Raccoon of CLC Level Creating Group Thingy

What's new in version 2.0000000034?

First of all, the name is changed to Colonial Clash, I actually thought 
of a good name this time.

Next, the music file used is now an s3m...

Jazz2 vesion 1.23 doesn't support old J2B's

What's coloniusB?

It's a slightly new lev using the Day tileset of Colonius...
The level has the same design, but the sewers aren't flooded, some graphics
have been improved, 
and a few secrets were changed...
This level is linked to coloniusM.

Oh yeah, the levels are passworded now.  If you want to see the lev, and
have a good reason, 
just ask me, and I'll give it to ya.

Anything else?


Read on...

Previous Updates

.07-This version fixes one other problem, and stops player from getting to 
secret places without taking the warps or doing whatever they are 
supposed to do to reach the area.  This *SHOULD* be the last update 
I will have to do on Colonius Battles 

.06- This version fixes a problem with Shield/PowerUp camping, and 
fixes a few small things that make the level better...

.05 1/2- The problem I thought was fixed in v. 1.05 wasn't fixed...
I feel incredibly stupid... That's all that was fixed...

.05-  This just fixes a problem with 'coloniusM', and two problems
people on the 'Net told me about.

If there are any more upgrades the info will be here...



colonius.j2l - The level you downloaded (no really)

coloniusM.j2l - Same level, but uses normal Colonius music.
               Good if youre playing people who don't have this level 
                    on the net, otherwise they'd have no music

coloniusb.j2l- Semi-New version of the level

Jazz1-3.s3m - Music file for colonius.j2l

colonius.txt - This.  

Now What...

UnZip the 2 levels and the music into your Jazz2 Directory.  Forget 
about this Text thing, just delete it. 

Use this lev on your server if you want.  I couldn't care less! 

If I find out you're using my level and saying it's your 
own, I'll find you some time in a game and roast the crap outta you.

That's all!


-RockyRaccoon (eR)

"Stuff Is Good!"