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TSF Only: Hydrotronic Amplivolumator Alister Single player one starone starone star Download file

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         JAZZ 2 - The Hydrotronic Amplivolumator

        Once again an evil snigger passed through Devan Shell's lips.
 Then he decided to go for the full scale evil laugh, rounding it off
 with  a  good  old  cackle. His  latest  invention, the  Hydrotronic
 Amplivolumator, had met its completion. Now he could control the sea
 level, as the machine could duplicate and remerge water molecules.
         With that and his time machine, he could get up to all sorts
 of mischief!

         Jazz and Spaz were enjoying a sunny day on the beach, in the
 cool shade of a shipwreck.  The seaweed hanging from the worn planks
 was disturbed by a breeze, which blew sand over the scorched remains
 of the  crabs that  were strewn  about the  ground.  Jazz  asked his
 brother whether they should pick up  some of the shells as a present
 for their sister, Lori.  Wackily nodding his approval, Spaz ran down
 the beach towards the shells. Before he could reach them, however, a
 huge wave sept them away. Jazz was a cool rabbit, so he didn't sense
 the need for worry at the unnatural size of the wave. Then something
 that really  could  be  classified as  strange happened.  Bubbles of
 water rose from the sea and formed the words "Devan Shell was here!"
 Sensing another adventure, Spaz ran over to his brother. Jazz looked
 round and saw some of Devan's henchturtles grouping in the distance.
 The siblings ran off towards them. Head  through  the  turtles,  and
 eventually you'll find Devan Shell. And whatever he's using to cause
 the water problems.

 Size info:

 Decompressed size: 24.6kb

 3 levels:
 level 1: Tidal change: 200x64
 level 2: Sewer Skirmish: 200x64
 level 3: Tube Hydroelectric: 200x64

 And this Read Me.

        Made by Toxic Bunny (Alister Thomson).