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"Jazz on Mobius" levels
(Please Word Wrap)

Basic Info:

Version: 1.2.1
No. of levels: 2
Tileset: Mobius
Type: Single Player
Created by: DeraldSny(der)
Beta tested by: tebbutt family, Krayzie D 7x

Zip file should have:

--This readme


Mobnight: Carrotus
Hidden: Hell (For lack of a better one)

The story:

Oh no! Dr. Ivo Robotnik and Devan Shell have joined together in an
alliance! And now they've got their eyes on the Chaos Emeralds, Super
Emeralds, and Master Emerald! Although Sonic the Hedgehog tried to put a
premature end to their scheme, he was caught and put in a state of frozen
animation, courtesy of Devan's latest invention. He can still speak and tap
his sneaker, but is no longer an immediate threat. Tails and Knuckles know
nothing about Sonic's capture.

Fortunately, a kid rabbit who accidentally discovered the portal from
Carrotus to Mobius overheard Robotnik's and Devan's plan and told Jazz and
Spaz about it. Now, it's up to them to save both Mobius and Carrotus from
certain doom by stopping the fat guy's and nerdy tortoise's attempt to
steal the emeralds from an unsuspecting Floating Island.

Level descriptions-

Mobnight- "A Night on Mobius"  Very short, you set out to free Knuckles and
find Mecha Sonic who has the Chaos Emeralds, then face off with one of
Robotnik's creations.

Hidden (Palace)- Longer and with more ammo pickups, you explore Hidden
Palace so you can find Robotnik and Devan and drive them out for good.
(Note: Push against Tails at the start of the level to hear what he has to

Have Fun!

Derald Snyder

P.S. I'm working on version 1.3. Wait and see!