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Hey! How's it going? If you're reading this, I wanna thank you so much for
downloading the pack!
I hope you'll be enjoying it! Feel free to rate it, as well as to review it
- it will motivate me to do more work!

As for any technicalities, there are a few issues:

1. The story involves you playing as Jazz, so no matter which character you
the game will eventually impose using Jazz on you anyway.


2. Play on 640x480 screen resolution - the pack and its play style isn't
adjusted to lower or higher resolutions.


3. Difficulty modes and their characteristics:

Easy - Less enemies, occasional extra items and other facilities, regular
enemies' HP

Normal - Less enemies, regular item number, regular enemies' HP

Hard - More enemies, regular item number, occasional extra obstacles,
enemies' HP increased

Turbo - Same as Hard mode


4. Sugar Rush and Fast Fire events are removed to prevent rushing through
the levels.