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TSF Only: project lori beatie Single player 3.7 Download file
JJ2 1.23 vanilla: devil traps 1 of 3[full... leole Custom / Concept 1.2 Download file

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project lori part one:jazz;wow that was a easy battle there got to be some
trick in it
spazz;jeah bud atlesd whe kould try to figure out where ,,the center,, cuod
jazz;wel i only now one center expect the center of carottus the center
spazz/jazz;THE CENTER OF EVIL!

they reached devan with his robot,they defeated him and he warped them to
the hellbud not to the center after an lill, walk thei seemed to get there
a litel space with 4 end bosses bilsy deavan&robot ,a devan alone and
that boomering guyit was hard to defeat them bud thei maded it an secret
door opens and lorrie was free afther that lorry destroied the car  thei
headed home end good al good