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Evergreen Memories, by Bunny Hat.

I made this JJ2 level a very long time ago. Actually it was the first one I
finished, so the first version was finished around 2003 or 2004.
We played a lot of JJ2 with my brother, so I made this level for fun.
I wanted a level that had all the upgrades possible and didn't feel
convoluted at the same time.

I changed it a bit over the years since then.
Last change was in 2020. I added some new paths inside the rock on the left
side of the map.
All of the text boards were just filled with inside jokes that only we may
be able to understand, so I changed all of it.
Feel free to remove it if you wish.

I have no idea why I never uploaded it before. Or at least I don't think I

BGM is Mysterius Times (ds_myst.xm), by DreaMSectioN. I just liked this
song very much.
I heard it first in other custom levels someone else made.
Feel free to change the BGM too.

I don't remember who made this tileset variation of JJ2 Diamondus.
But thank you so much, it's super nice.

Thanks for downloading! I hope you have fun with it!