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JJ2 1.23 vanilla: The Pyramid of Steel Fury darkwasp Battle 4.8 Download file

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Th Prmd f $tl Fr
By the rkWs! himself.

Files included in the zip:
TPOSF.j2l : The level "Th Prmd f $tl Fr" for your enjoyment.

7th Lava Fall.j2t : The tileset from the pack "7th lava fall" that got a
whopping 9.2 on J2O!

metalwr.mod : The music needed for the level.

TPOSF Credits.txt : I have no clue. =

Thanks to:

MaDarkWasp for my name (thanks Taco!)
Jeh for the tileset for helping me find the music
The people who made FastTracker for FastTracker2, Best tracker there is
(******* ***! Censored for Iced. =)
Jazz2 people for making the awesome game
Steven for helping me find the 1.23 patch
All my clans for Giving me a reason to be here
God for helping me get here
My cousin Lugia for...just being my cousin (yeah! Cousins rule!)
John Audubon Middle for giving me an education (thank god I'm leaving June
My brain for inspiration
Jazz2Online, and all the peeps out there for giving a reason to make it
Electropizza for his "ahem."s
Laguna for being annoying (I'll get you once the Annoyator 2K Platinum Chip
is finished!)
JJ Tublear for coming back
Anybody and everybody in the JJ2 community who have been playing for more
than a year (Newbies Suck!)

Anyway, this can go on...and on...and on...and on...and