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JJ2 1.23 vanilla: JAZZ WARS Episode 1 (17.... Fanden Single player 7.7 Download file

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      Episode 1
  The Warp Of Century

The Evil Devan Has Re-made His Time Machine To Go Back In Time (Again..)
Whit A Huge Army Of Turtels And Lizards. After Jazz And Spaz Had A Looong
Talk They Decided To Have A Meeting Whit Eva`s Grandfather (A Proffesor) To
Ask HIm To Help Build Another Time Machine To Get Back In Time (Again....)
To Defeat Devan (Again.....) And Rescue Carrotus! The Time Machine Was
Built, But They Need One small 
(or big..) Diamond. So Jazz And Spaz Had To Take A Trip To The Militia Base
Where Devan Has Another Diamond Just Bigger.. As They Got To The Base The
Guards Woke Up And Spaz And Jazz Had To Run For It. After A Short Run Whit
Large Spike Balls Flying Over Their Heads They Reached The Diamond And Took
It. And After More Running They Finally Reached The Exit Alive.  As They
Come To The Lab They Found It Full Of Dogs, Dragons, Bats etc. Devan Has
Already Found Out About The Machine. The Time Is Short And They Moved
Quickly Against The Entrance. 
Suddenly A Flying Thing Came Out From The Skys And Dropped Explosives And
Hit The Entrance Real Good! Whit No Chanse Of Escape, Spaz And Jazz Are
Locked Inside The Lab And The Only Thing They Can Do Are Too Find The Warp

Level List 
1) The Nightmare Begins
2)Metal Lab
3)Forest of Myth
4)NES Short level
5)Exotic level
7)The Mini Battle Arena

Next Episode of Jazz Wars released somtime after this one.......