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Level Name: Return of the Tube.
Author: Stefan de Wilde.
Filename: Battle4.j2l
Password: tub.

Level Information


Number of Weapons: 6.
Number of Power-Ups: 6. (With blaster Power-Up)
Bonus: Yes
Number of Fast fires: 21.
Shields: 4 (Laser Shield too but doesn`t work)
Number of coins needed for Bonus: 10.
Number of coins in level: 14( With generator)
Number of gems:18. 1 blue 8 red.
Number of food things:261. (2 Sugar Rushes)
Water: Yes(from 56 to 64) 8 tiles.
Tileset: Tube Electric.


Nummer van Wapens: 6.
Nummer van Power-Ups: 6. (Met blaster Power-Up)
Bonus: Ja
Aantal Snelvuurs: 21
Schilden: 4. (Het Laser Schild ook maar werkt niet)
Aantal munten nodig voor bonus: 10
Aantal munten in level: 14( met generator)
Nummer van diamanten: 18 1 blauwe 8 rode.
Nummer van eetbare dingen:261. (2 Hyper`s)
Water: Ja(van 56 tot 64) 8 vakjes
Tileset: Tube Electric.