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Fruity Landscapes
JJ2 TSF Tileset by ScionFighter a.k.a. JSZ ScIoN!
July 2003


Hi! Thanks for downloading my newest tileset! I've worked on it some time
(3-4 weeks or
something). It isn't perfect, I still need some practice to become
'Disguse' status :).
What inspired me to make this tileset? Well, I have once a game called
'Worms Armageddon',
and one of ground sets in custom maps had fruits. In June, I've minded out
that's a great
theme for JJ2 tileset. My previous tilesets (a tileset pack containing 3
tilesets, Colorius
[baaaah!] and Mech Exodus) were hand drawed, didn't had compiled pallete
and no textured
background. This one were made by merging the appz'n'hand draw techniques,
like my last sets
could had be :).


This zip contains files:
-FL.j2t (the most important file in this pack :))
-FL.J2L (example level)
-dtn-voic.xm (music file that perfecty fits with tileset)
-FLReadme.txt (You're reading it now ;P)

If some file(s) are damaged or missing, please contact me at, I will try to
fix that problem.


Made by: ScionFighter a.k.a. JSZ ScIoN!,
Thanks to: JSZ Mateusz (telling me his opinion about the tileset), JSZ
JaZz! (for telling me
how to make textured background work. Thanx Pal!)
Used appz: Corel Photo-Paint 8, TeraLogic Texture Maker 32bit, WinAmp
Contact me at:
Special thanks to and JSZ JaZz!'s JJ2 Page for hosting.

(C)Kamil 'ScionFighter' a.k.a. 'JSZ ScIoN!' Dabrowski, 2003