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                        Dark Graveyard - Superjazz

Because this is just one ctf-level, I don't begin to write a whole
readme, but this is some short info which I wrote anyways.

Files you get in this zip:

-Sjdarkctf = The level itself
-HauntedH1lite = Haunted house lite, tileset for level if you don't have
-Menur.mod = ndv-srmt, music for level, not sure about what's the music's
real name. I replaced this music for empty forest because I think this
would sound more scary and fit the level better
-Darkgy.txt = This readme

So, I decided that it could be better to upload this level alone, not in
a pack this time.
I don't have very much description about the level. Well, as you see,
it's symmetrical. There's also an idea that the bases are on the top of
two "houses", lying with symmetrical distances of each other. In the
middle is a "dark graveyard", where is the most important stuff, like
carrot. There's no hope to flow with Jazz straightly to the another roof,
or double-jump with spaz from the middle to opponents roof. I put some
wind there, so that's impossible, because the idea is to get in by the
another houses main and only entrance and climb inside the house to the
roof. It's possible to get into the seeker-pu from roofs or from the
sucker-tube under the seeker-pu. The possibility to get into seek-pu
also by a roof, I meant for that the enemy couldn't camp at the seek-pu
too well. There's also +1-carrot in each base. No triggers in the level.
There's a bouncy-PU in blue's base, and a RF-pu in red's base.

That's all the description, except: REMEMBER TO USE 16bit, the background
looks really sux in 8bit(At least in my opinion.)
I didn't ask for any beta-testers, but I hosted this many times in my
server and seek for bugs. I fixed all the bugs which ppl and I saw in the
server and those which I were able to.

If you anyways find some bugs more, report about it in your review, or
e-mail me:

And special thanks for Pyromanus, who edited the HH-tileset into lite-