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FIRST: I`m Really happy, that you have taken a watch on this! 
Thanks for Downloading and have fun with The Tileset and the Level! But
First Read everything in this File! I`m glad for that!:

Another Tileset By Sonictth:
The Colored Steel Tileset!
1.: The Build up and History about the Set
2.: Comments

3.: An Experiment
4.: A Sketch

1.: The Build up and History about the Set

Uhm... There are these blox, and Yes, Steel Sounds better than Blox or?

How I have made it:
The Week from the 7.8 to the 11.8. 04 I was ill and mustn`t go to shool: I
felt lonely.
So I started to make a new Colorful Tileset. I tried to make it with high
detail palettes, so I pull everything out of my MS-Paint Programm. It
wasn`t much;
I Usedet 5 Different Brighness Levels of Each Color: Green, Red and -
Because my Dad want it so, Yellow. HEY! Don`t LAUGH! These are 15 Colores!
It was Really Hard to make this! Harder than my Other Tileset Red Steel!
At First I cut out the Diamondus Grass from an j2 Screenshot and ''Glue''
it into the First Tile.
Under the Grass in the same tile I draw 4 Lines From them i think they
looks good. The I swith the tile into 3 other Directions. Then I Made the
Steel: Each has an Big Glowing Line in it`s middle and around it lines in
the Same Color, but with other Brightness. Thant there are these Dots in
the Earth.
At First I Just want to make a Green Version Of the Set, but when I saw how
small it is, I Started To Re-color the Graphics into Red and Yellow. 
Additional to this there came the Destrct- and Trigger- / Stomp-able
Scenerys with tthe Spikes.
Then I Made the Other Steel Tiles in their three Colores. 
After That, I draw Clouds, My Name, an Exit Sign, Arrows, Layer 4
Background tiles ( How to use them, you can read below) and the Warp
That was all.

How To use the Layer 4 Backround Tiles:
Them are the both on the lower downest place left. The two Transculent

Use them so:
Put one of the two at the place at Layer 4 where you want to have a
Standing Background.
Now Open Layer 5(You Must Set the Moving ov it`s X and Y Speed To 0) and
Put another Normal
Steel or Grass Block on the Same Place than the Transculent Tile before.
Now, Look on the Parallax View on the Both Tiles; The Tile on Layer 5 is
Darker than the others because the Transculent one on Layer 4. (You Must
everytime Play in High Detail Mode to see them both to same) 
Now you know, how to use these tiles. More I Mustn`t Explain, or?

Oh! Yea! Play The Example Level! It Is MAybye a bit hard, but you can do
every handycaps in it! And Its a AMazing Good Example of how-to-use the
When You have played it, (First when you have played it) Go Rate On!

2.: Comments

Uhm... Thats The First time,  I wrote a so big History Text! Hah! Its fun!
I write more!:
Original commentars while playing the Level from my friends, me and any
MY DAD!: ''Boah is that hard!''
Nico: ''This is the third time i play this and i never get kill... uhmg...
er... yes... er... there is for everything a first time umgh?
Ola: ''Yay! I`ve Done it in 3 minutes! I AAAAM THE CHAAAAMPION! (2 Minutes
later i has finished my turn on playing the Level He: Hey! You have
Cheated! I: Yes.. Yes.. the men in the white clothes are coming soon...
Dx' most able Review: Ugly Colores, ugly Blox, Ugly buildup, ugly... (Two
Seconds later he is running out of my House and a chair is flying behind
YAY! It is crazy! IT`s Crazy! What a Fun! 

3.: An Experiment:

Stay yourself between a Doorway. Now press your arms so powerful you just
can like in the Picture:

Hand ->|+     +| <- The Other Hand
||  AFTER 1 MINUTE: walk fast into the Next Room.
   Now let all your Power ot of Your Arms and do nothing with them.
   Write the Result into your Review!

4.: A Sketch!

Mr. Heinz Friedrich is calling the TELEGATE:

Opperator: YES! AH! TELEGATE! What did you want?
Heinz f.:  What did you think what I want from the TELEGATE? A Pizza? NO! A
Opperator: Ah! Yes, Of course! erm.. what is the Name of your partner?
Heinz f.:  Why are you interested in my partner?
Opperator: No... I wanna knew the person you want to call.
Heinz f.:  Er yes... This is... erm..: so: it`s..
Opperator: Who is it? 
Heinz f.: What? Shut up! So it`s
Opperator: Who was that? Again please!
Heinz.f.: NO! You have heard it! Now tape it in your pc!
Opperator: Er... Yes... erm... So then a few more things i want to know
about the person: Who did him... or was it her? erm.... where did she live?
Heinz.f.: In Glame-Harbour!
Opperator: What?
Heinz.f.: Can`t you ask in centesses?
Opperator: Uhm? er yes! Er.. Where did she live?
Heinz.f.: Glame-Harbour!
Opperator: Can`t you answer in centesses?
Heinz.f.: What? Erhmremsrmsrhesrhmsermhre... Shut up!
Opperator: What? Then.. a few more things about the person...
Heinz.f.: Yes erm, she`s Big, fat and she mostly wears an orange pullover.
Opperator: What... why did you say this? (laughing)
Heinz.f.: Er.. you have said I have to tell you more things about her!
Opperator: HA! HAHA! No! Ha! That i didn`t mean! HA!
Heinz.f.: (ANGRY) (NO: VERY ANGRY) Eh yes what did you laughing there? I
want to be connected with another opperator.
New Opperator: Yes! Mr. Mainz here! 
Heinz.f.: Yes, another opperator should send you the things i`fe said to
him now.
Opperator: Yes i`fe got them! and then I just want to know in wich street
she lives!?
Heinz.f.: Yes that`s the Augusten-Jakobin-Salamderiko-Allee street!
Opperator: Ah yes.. that i have awaid...
Heinz.f.: What did you mean? 
Opperator: (Funny) Just this: With a so long name she might even lives in a
long named street!
Heinz.: What? Shut up!
Opperator: So i`ve got her number here. Would you to notice it?
Heinz.: No! I havent a pencil!
Opperater: Er.. Than please get a pencil..
Heinz.f: I have one now.
Opperator: So please notice: It`s 1924-34-345-33567- (We make a small
'Time-Travel' now because the Number is very
long...)HSFsdgjadjkdbnnghghxfrgfjkliklkljlfaawweem,llker.... (The Opperator
has finnished now)
Heinz.f.: What was that? Again please!
Opperator: NO.
Opperator: Er. Yes... again.... (AGAIN a Time Travel)
Heinz.f.: Ah! Yes! Allright!
Opperator: Want you to become connected?
Heinz.f.: No; I wanna call her.
Opperator: Yes that i meant! So wan`t you to become connected?
Heinz.f.: No! I wanna Call her!
Opperator: So you want that I connect you?
Heinz.f.: EH! CAN`T YOU HEAR? I Wanna Call her! So I terminate now the
connection and then I call her!
Opperator:  Would you to enter the whole Number again?
Heinz.f.: AH SHUT UP!
Connection was Terminated by Heinz Friedrich.....

Nice Sketch or? Wanna More? Include that into your review!

Hint to the German Ones: 24 The Second Season! Every Tuesday 20:15 o`clock
on RTL 2!

Thanks for Reading this Text and: Have Fun with The Tileset + Level!