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TSF Only: Castle's Of Horror Ðx Capture the flag 6.3 Download file

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level made by: x CC of XLM 
Tileset: Haunted House Lite HELL Conversed by pyromanus.
Music my: The originel jj2 levels 
Type game: 1.24
Players: 4 
Duel kevel? : yes

Hey folks!

This level has been made for the ctf contest of XLM i just uploaded.
Its quit fun and ther ar many secrets...
I hopw you will rate and host many time's!


DD                \        / 
D D                \      /
D  D                \    /
D   D                \  /
D    D                \/
D     D               /\
D    D               /  \
D   D               /    \
D  D               /      \
D D               /        \
DD               /          \