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                         Random Instagib/Streetfight pack!
                            Blackraptor and FireSworD
               @@@@@@@@@       @@@@             @@@@@@@ 
             @@@@@@@@@@@@@     @@@@           @@@@@@@@@@@
            @@@@@     @@@@@    @@@@          @@@@@@    @@@
           @@@@@       @@@@@   @@@@         @@@@@ 
           @@@@@       @@@@@   @@@@         @@@@ 
           @@@@@       @@@@@   @@@@         @@@@@ 
            @@@@@     @@@@@    @@@@          @@@@@@    @@@
             @@@@@@@@@@@@@     @@@@@@@@@@     @@@@@@@@@@@
               @@@@@@@@@       @@@@@@@@@@       @@@@@@@
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

Intro: FS and I started making Instagib/streetfight levels a long while
ago, and wanted to make an OLC pack/project with them. After a while it
didn't go so well so we stopped and all was abandoned. Recentely, this idea
has resurfaced, and FS and I decided to finish the project.

Quick overview of the levels by Blackraptor:

Leprechaun Forest (CWStreetFight02.J2L)
I decided to make a streetfight level and see how it goes. This is
basically my first ever streetfight made (Omg wow!), and it uses
WISETYNESS!!!11. Anyways, it's an alright level, and as with most of my
levels, the eyecandy overranks the layout.

CooKie War (CWInstagib01.J2L)
Made this back in the fall of '03, was my first instagib level. It went so
well that I decided to make more after, and it's probably the oldest level
in the pack. 

Saturday Night Disco (CWInstagib02.J2L)
Made right after CooKie War, people also said it was a spiffy little level.
Mirrow should make more tilesets. 

The Dark Abyss (CWInstagib04.J2L)
Made this a bit after, and it didn't turn out as good as I hoped. It's
pretty small and has a lot of springs, but it's not the best level in the

The StarBreaker (CWInstagib05.J2L)
Made this one around Christmas (hence the "Merry Christmas" text). Wanted
to release it as a single release, but people said the first version of it
wasn't so good. So I abandoned it for a while, then one day decided to
spiff it up a bit, so I added a coinwarp, took out the water, and
(hopefully) made it better. And despite what people say, I like the
backround, so it stays D<.

The Gunball Machine (CWStreetFight05)
Since FS made a quick level for the pack I thought I might do the same.
Except this level took a bit longer to make. Most of the time I put into
this was to make the animations, and the backround. It uses all the layers,
and looks horrible with low-detail. Whee argh.

Quick overview of the levels by FireSworD(Read it like I'm saying it. Not

Cargo Sector 5 (CWStreetFight01)
This is the level that started the project.  Some places were strategicaly
designed for Jazz's sake, but with most of the StreetFight levels in this
pack; it includes a Morph for thoose who prefer Spaz.

Rusty Terrain (CWInstagib03)
This was once a Street Fight level, but there were some major issues
involving the tileset.  This is one of the bigger Instagib levels.  Built
for players who like to hunt/ambush their prey instead camping in small

Inside the Pit (CWStreetFight03)
There's a battle version of this level that is included in the pack.  The
level was designed soley for Spaz, so if you're not him when you join a
server with this level, get to the morph.

Stereo Motion (CWStreetFight04)
Excuse the weird name.  This level is a lot like Cargo Sector 5, only the
belt at the bottom of the level should only carry food, not other players
to the right side of the level.

Street Fight levels:
Cargo Sector 5, Leprechaun Forest, Inside the Pit, Stereo Motion, The
Gumball Machine.

Instagib levels:
Cookie War, Rusty Terrain, Saturday Night Disco, The Dark Abyss, The

(Bonus: Inside the Pit - Battle version)

Tilesets: Agama, Disguise, Mirrow, Overlord, Toxic Bunny and Epic.
Beta Testers: AvK, Defost, IamCanadian, LAb RaT KiD, sAlAmAnDeR, DizZy,
Scizor CT, HuGeLa and Strato.  Thanks go to all of them, they all did a
great job.

Very Special thanks to HuGeLa for inspiration on the food dropping concept.

This pack is Copyrighted (C) 2003-2004 Blackraptor and FireSworD of OLC
                                                     Greetings to:
                                                    ....And the JJ2
community! =D
Tuna is good.