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* Deep Space Slaughter Readme *

Technical Specifications

Creator: JelZe GoldRabbit
level name: JZCyberBat1.j2l
level type: battle (again, planned as CTF)
tileset: CyberSpaz tileset1a.j2t (by Dethman)
music: (by Skaven)

Here we go, yet another battle level...*sigh*. To tell the truth, i'm
getting tired of making battles, but every time i make a Multiplayer level
it ends up as a battle! You could see it with Doomed Roasting amd Medivo
Arena, my last 2 battles.

I wanted to save this level for a Multiplayer pack, but i don't think i can
make it. Just see it as a smal preview of what's coming. It isn't at it's
best, but i REALLY tried my best on it. Like i said before, this was
originally planned as CTF. I showed a beta version of it to friend of mine,
but he said the roads were too stricked for CTF. So, i made it a battle...I
really put quite some time into it and as you might have guessed, i was
disappointed. But i WON'T give up! I won't quit till i make a GOOD CTF
level. Right now, i'm trying it again with "Nuclear Confusion"...;)

Right now, i got nothing more to tell about about the level. This isn't the
final version, i might make the MP pack eventually...Speaking of packs,
most of you might know i'm (kinda) working on a episode, based on "Jill of
the Jungle". But i can't do it all alone (mainly because of school), so i
really need help. If you wanna help, contact me by:

ICQ: 73201429

or reply to my topic on the JMMB. :)

Well, that's about it. Big thanks to everyone who gave suggestions, and
especially to Venom for sending me

Cya guys and gals later,

- JelZe GoldRabbit ;)

Other levels by JelZe:

- Devil Dungeon (Single Player, needs TSF)
- JelZe's Pinball Race (Race, needs TSF)
- JelZe's Medivo Arena (Battle)
- Doomed Roasting (Battle)

You can find these levels on Jazz 2 Online (

Coming up (you guys can also help out with this):

- Devil Dungeon 2: A remake of my first level.
- Vine Village: Planned as a second level, but i never got around to finish
- JotJ (working title): the episode i'm working on.
- Nuclear Confusion: lets hope this one becomes a CTF ;)