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Jazz Swapper 0.1


Jazz Swapper is a utility designed to facilitate the usage of multiple
    level packs for Jazz Jackrabbit. Each pack is stored in a set of
    which you select from a list.

The first time you run it, it creates a "packs" subfolder in your Jazz
    Jackrabbit folder. When you want to use a level pack, simply place the
    in a subfolder within "packs", start Jazz Swapper, select the folder
    the list, and click "Use".

Note: You can change your Jazz Jackrabbit folder using the "Directory"
    button, but you should only do this when your current pack is set to


As you would expect, I take no responsibility for any damage done to
    your computer or the data therin. This is the first version of the
    so use it at your own risk. It's also copyright to Alister Thomson,
    Redistribution is permitted so long as this file is provided with the
    program, unless I say otherwise.