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JJ2 1.23 vanilla: All Lvls by PoL in 1.23Featured Download Past of Leveldesign Battle 8 Download file

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As you maybe know, all previous lvls by PoL were only Playable in TSF. So
we converted them to 1.23 (Thanks goes to Overlord for his great Patch!!!)
At last the 1.23Players can play our lvls, too (decide for yourself if that
is positive ;)

The lvls:
DaLevel.j2l is our first lvl, so don't expect toooo much from it ;). We
built it with "AlienTemple" by Disguise.

HazardDesert.j2l and JazzValley.j2l are also known as "Battles in Desert",
our 2nd upload on J2O, built with the Desert Tileset by Blade

LostCanyon.j2l is a large lvl in an world of ice with a deep canyon,
tileset "Glacier" is also by Blade

Nature1-3.j2l are the lvls in our little pack "BackToNature", as the name
says, all lvls are in the nature. Tilesets are built by Disguise and

PoLminoria.j2l is our latest upload. We took it in this pack, even if it's
still playable in 1.23. In these lvl are the ruins of "Minoria's temple",
cool name, huh? ;)
Tileset is "Xargon" by Spaztic

So, have fun with playing!

You can download the music separately here: