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Blade and Wille present:

Xmas Pack!!!

This pack contains eight (+2 secret) levels, which 
have mainly christmasy stuff and so on...


wp_xmas_1.j2l to wp_xmas_8.j2l    levels
readme.txt                        this text, dude!
mech8-2.s3m                       music file
whare.j2b                         music file
nemesis.j2b                       music file
Green Hills Zone.j2t              tileset
xmas1.j2t to xmas3.j2t            tilesets
mez03a.j2t                        tileset


unzip all to your Jazz2 folder.
Winzip or other Unzipping program required (get WinZip at

How to start playing:

Go to Jazz2's HomeCooked levels list. Find a level named Candy Bags.

Credits and other stuff:


Wille            The finnish dude with an average rating of 7.8 (darn)
Blade            The other finnish dude

Thanks to those guys who made all the tilesets and musics.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Blade & Wille!!!


"Don't spray uncool vibes around, dude. They're not groovy, yeah..."