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                         Coral Coves

                     (c) 2005 FireSworD



The idea of this level formed because of a statement 
from Blackraptor; he described the CoralC tileset as 
a "Brain Buster" I couldn't help but take the challenge.  
Soon after, Blacky and I tried to form a treasure pack 
which was not going as planned, and was scrapped early 
on with only one level (Coral Coves) finished.  

The music used; was composed 
from Basehead.  It is one of the 'lost' jj2 tracks 
found by electropizza: Many doubt it would fit in 
any jj2 enviornment, I hope I have proven them 
wrong. ;)


The layout was built to handle the maximum player limit jj2 
can handle (16 players, not including double joiners). 
Although this means there are many gems, too many for games 
of 10 or less players.  To compensate, a lite version was 
added (olcclite.j2l).  Also, enemies are not present in the 
lite version; enemies have the ability to kill the server 
if hurt 5 times; gems are lost and it will remain that way.

So why are enemies in the original version you may ask?

Enemies were added mainly as a decoration.  They also serve
the purpose of making it somewhat difficult for players
to obtain gems since the level is large.  Players aren't
likely to get into fights with other players often.

The layout was built to have two sides, accessable by the top
route and the tube (only the right side).  The intent was
to seperate players, to make it easier to collect gems, to
make fights less abound.  I believe treasure hunt should
be more about collecting and hunting for gems, rather than
hunting for players to obtain them, although that's 
definitely an important part of the experience.    

                  Strategies and Secrets    

  Enemies can be used for strategy: since enemies do 
  not make players lose gems, when players are hurt, they are 
  in a 'blinking state', they can enter into fights safely 
  without losing gems!

  Barrels are not included soley for decoration: Barrels 
  contain an insane ammount of gems. They can be opened or
  'destroyed' by the use of TNT; You must be hurt by another
  player nearby the tnts' area to obtain it.

  The right side of the level contains a slightly higher 
  ammount of gems than the left.


Neccessary Stuff
                        Basehead  Music
                        FireSworD  Level
                        Violet  Tileset     

Beta Testers
                          White Rabbit

(c) 2005 FireSworD             (OLC) Obsessive Level Creators