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-=Troublesome Tubes=-

Level Name: Troublesome Tubes (look above, MWAHAHAHAHHAAHHA!!)
File Name:  Dis53.j2l
Author:     Disguise GPW (J2LC)
AIM Name:   DisguiseDA
ICQ:        46345394 (I actually remembered this)
Tileset:    Tubelectric
Music:      Official JJ2 Tubelectric Music
Time Taken: A lot shorter than Wakeman wants ;) (2 Days, so there)
Testing:    3 Days of running around in the same level non-stop

Ok, look into my eyes...
You want this level...
You LOVE this level...
You are feeling sleepy...
MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I always wanted to do that ;) Anyways, I
would like to give a special thanks to the following people during the
production of this level:
Epic Games (duh)
Distruct (it was made on his PC)

There, you happy? Now go download Distruct's levels cuz they rock and he
spent a long time in touching them up to his current standards. That CTF
level is the best. The tileset is Awesome too ;)

-=Copyright Stuff=-

I give all of you full permission to open this level in JCS. I will not
give you the password, just hack the hex. You may not edit this level in
any form by any means without permission from ME!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! If
you are using this level for a competition (JDC for example) I give you
full permission to change the 'next level' field to any level of your
choice, but then return it back to its original self after the competition.
So there, blah blah blah blah and a whole bunch of stuff you don't want to

-=My Current Situation=-

NOTE: This is kinda like a diary I've been typing out like crazy in my free
time. It has nothing to do with the level so it won't contain any info on
it. You are welcome to read it if my life actually interrests(SP?) you :)

Ok, the only computer I have is a Pentium 133mhz which will be sold
tomorrow (Thursday 14 December 2000). My dad will be leaving for England on
the 19th of December. He will then start working there to earn some pounds
until we arrive. Let's face it. The Pound kicks down on the puny South
African currency and we'll spend up all our cash at a candy store around
the corner (11 Rand is approx. 1 Pound). While my dad is there he'll look
for a house and such so that we can arrive to a house and not sit around
like some street kids at the corner without anything. I have no idea when
we (mommy, little irritating sister, and the weird wisey) will arrive in
England. Becuase of some passport confusion (welcome to South Africa) I can
only get my passport by February. Bah! Stupid people. We ask for a renewal
of my old passport (which only takes 3-4 weeks) and they issued it as a
brand new passport (which takes a whole 2 MONTHS!). Because my dad is a
Dutch citizen (he kept his citizenship from the Netherlands ever since he
was 6 years old and moved to South Africa) so he is gonna request Dutch
passports for my sister and I (they say blood is thicker than water). Haha,
I find that hilarious. Wisey is gonna be a Dutch citizen and he never even
set foot in the country. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! I guess I'll have to do
something about it ;)
Oh well, If I do get my Dutch passport then we will arrive anything from
the 20th of January. Then my dad wil stick 1100 pounds in my hand and order
me to buy a PC *evil grin* Only then will I be able to log onto AIM (ICQ
SUCKS!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!) and such. Well, Distruct is sleeping over at
my place for the whole vacation (until I'm gone). Yes, that's a long time.
Vacation started 30th November and ends 23rd January. No wonder you people
believe he is my brother. Well, DISTRUCT IS NOT MY BROTHER!!! GET
BROER NIE!!!! (excuse the dutch, never had a dutch lesson in my life and
only basically see it at GPWMB). As I was saying, Distruct has his PC over
here and such so we played low-class compatible games the whole time. One
of them was Brood War, so we both finished that in single player. My
favourite level was mission 9 of the Zerg. Kill all the protoss within 30
minutes. Quite fun. There are two terran bases to your left that you have
to destroy with guardians in order to make 2 extra expansions so you can
have enough money in time to get a big enough attack force (I had 1 team
guardians and 3 extra teams of mutas with more on the way while attacking)
to kill the protoss base to your right (quite a huge base, takes up half of
the map) to win the mission. It sounds complicated, but isn't really, just
fun ;)
The other game we played was Fifa 99 (I was a huge Fifa 98 fan, but quit it
around there). I was suprised to see the game run nicely on an old P133mhz,
so I played it. I also played a mission of Dune 2000, but stopped after
that. Westwood strategy bores me to death. Played one, played them all, the
same game with a TINY bit of modifications. And for all you westwood fans
out there that keep on telling me to play tiberian sun, I've already played
it. I played it a lot less than any other westwood strategy game out there.
The one I played the most was the original Dune 2 (I love this game to bits
for what it started and will always remember it), and second to that Red
Alert. Man that was a great game of its time (especially that redalert.ini
that could make me fiddle around with the units, great fun). Too bad
westwood doesn't take a step ahead in their strategy games. They all look
the same to me. Haha, typical thing for me to do, start slamming Westwood
down for their stupidity in a Jazz 2 level text file. Well, COME DO
have to get into Shadow's good books in some way ya know). Haha, I mean
that last statement. I've gotten a nice liking for Estate (I hate DE_DUST).
Just be a Terrorist, get to the shrubs at the front ASAP, crouch and sneak
behind them up to the entrance in the wall, and when they come past SMACK
'EM IN THE BACK WITH AN AK-47!!! YEAH!!!!! I love the element of suprise ;)
Hehe, I also love that pistol you start off with as the Counter-Terrorists.
I can easily get head-shots with that thing. Once I actually killed both
Preator Xeno (The stealthiest CS type I've seen, not just any person can
kill 4 PODBOTS on level 100 with 13 health) and Zhy (Praetor Xeno's dad)
with it (they both had top-equipment and about $11000 in spare). I LOVE
that pistol. They say I'm so accurate with it cuz my aiming cursor is so
small (1280x960 resolution). Oh well, Wisey goes off-topic once again.
Typical of me. I suppose I get way too much fun of LAN Parties. Ah, that
reminds me. This could probarly be my only chance to with my fellow GPW
Members good luck for Lannium 2K (we are the biggest clan there :P ). Hope
ya'all enjoy it and such. MAKE ME PROUD TO BE IN GPW! ;)
I suppose that's it. Life sucks without the internet and a proper PC, but
every day that passes is a day less torture and a day closer to being in
england with a proper internet and PC. Just a month and a half to go!!

-=Update to Above=-

It is now Wednesday 20 December 2000. I am not an owner to any PC system
blah blah blah (just a satellite card and some backup cd's and games).
Distruct is so kind to be asleep right now (it's 12:04AM) so that I can use
this piece of machinery right now. The Dutch passport thing didn't work. I
needed some other special documents which will take me longer to get than
my South African passport itself, so I'm only getting that in England when
I'm there, and looking at the way things are going that will be in February
for sure. Bah! So irritating, you go there and their welcome is: "Good
Morning, please fill out  this short list of forms written in Greek,
Hebrew, Zulu and Xhosa." After 10 hours you go back with the forms
(finally) filled in and they say: "Thank you very much, would you please
wait a year while we process the forms and convert them into files to be
virus checked 1000 times by different programs, wait a while for the latest
Norton Virus update to be installed into our systems, and then send the
files to every computer in the system so that they can do the same process
twice. After that the files will be uninstalled and reinstalled several
times because our staff like to push the delete button and have to wait
each time for them to come back from our office at this branch after
following the mentioned virus checking processes." So after a year you go
back and they say: "We are osrry, but the above process didn't work, please
come back in two years when we..." AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! ALL I WANTED
HATE HAAAATEE THIS PLACE!!!!!! Uhhh, sorry to all of you whom I offended, I
was getting a little worked up over here (And I'm the patient one around
here). Anyways, yesterday my Dad was got on an airplane at the airport
(right now he is flying somewhere over middle Africa). I won't see him
again until I'm in England (and that will be a very long time as I
mentioned above). Well, apart from that, back to my wishful gaming world.
back to the real thing. I found out what the fifth race to Warcraft 3 is on
Saturday night 16 December 2000 (adding dates cuz I dunno when you ppl will
get this, last saturday could be anything). Night Elves, looks cool. I just
saw the 2 screenshots at the Blizzard webpage. Didn't exactly have time for
hunting at all the other sites since I had about 5 minutes to download some
security thing for someone (Crasha). During that time I also sent some J2O
messages to ppl (pumped out as many as I could in the time given) and found
out that GT has been released!!! YEAH!!! LONG LIVE FoL!!!! Well, that's it
I guess, nothing special happened, just been working around here to get
things right for the 'big move'.

-=Update to the Update of Above=-

It is now Saturday 23 December 2000 (5:11am, a late night). Christmas is
near, so Merry Christmas everyone and a happy New Year! Thursday my
fingerprints were registered by the computer to apply for the passport (to
start the tedious task mentioned above). My mom and I waited a whole day at
the department of home affairs to apply for some other documents and they
told us it would be ready the next day (Friday). Friday morning we get
there and the person that helped us says that the documents are not ready
yet and we must come the day after to get them. At that point my mom was so
upset she burst into tears and told them they were being very unfair with
us. We waited in the line like everyone else and didn't think highly of
ourselves because we were white (for those of you who know what apartheid
is you'll get the point) etc. etc. etc. (My mom and I were the only two
white people in the building). At that point the person's boss walked in to
check what was going on and heard the whole story. He checked his office
and the documents were already done on his desk (the person at the counter
lied to us and kept the documents back). We obviously got the documents,
but apart from that the boss phoned to the office in Pietermaritzburg (the
city we were going to go to straight after we got the documents to apply
for my passport, also the capital of our province) and told them we will be
there in about an hour and he should give me my passport then. So an hour
later we arrived there and in less than 5 minutes (no jokes) I got my
passport renewed. If you read the top part you would know it was gonna take
me 3-4 weeks from applying until I would get it renewed. Now I have my
passport ready and all someone needed to do is call and ask for a favour.
It actually makes me furious to think they would send people on a wild
goose chase for that long if they could do it themselves for less than 5
minutes themselves. I wish I could get out of this racist country. It's
driving me nuts. Well, I have an opportunity to leave South Africa and go
to england as soon as it strikes over to January, and live with people in
London my dad grew up with (never met them before) for 2-6 months. It's a
bit harsh for me to stay away from my family so long and live with people
I've never met before (they are friendly and such and would take care of
me, I know that much) in a foreign country. I think I'll leave for UK at
end January and THEN go live with those people for 1-5 months. If I do go
live with them my dad (who has been working in England for some time now)
and I will get mah new PC to keep me busy but I dunno if I will get
internet (it's not exactly my house I'm gonna live at). I'll see what
happens when it happens, right now I'm making tons of levels on a P200 with
an icky small 1024x768 screen resolution. JCS is a pain to use, but that
never stops the DISGUISE!!! MWAHAHAHAHAH!! ;)

-=A FUNNY Story=-

About a week ago Distruct and I went to go visit Praetor Xeno at his place
and started talking about the hacking experiences we've had. Well, some guy
used Xeno's printer to print some scary message to him telling him his PC
is easy to hack. That was the only time he got hacked. I was hacked three
times (Gee, I wonder who is online the most). The first time I told the guy
I'm gonna go offline cuz I've already gone past my internet limit and my
parents would kill me if they saw the phone bill, so I disconnected. Less
than a second after that the house's power switched off, came back on, and
switched off again. The next day the power was fine and I was rid of that
danged guy. The next guy that hacked me I chatted to and was just looking
at my PC for fun and left a short while afterwards. The third guy that
hacked me I also chatted to and stuff so we got top the topic of JJ2. He
hosted a game of one of my levels through JCS on my PC for the heck of it
and after that deleted some important JJ2 files and left. Lots of ppl think
it was a JJ2 player who hated me and such but this wasn't the case. He told
me he deleted some JJ2 and told me to play and find out. Haha, the fool
deleted JCS.exe and JCS.ini thinking it was Jazz2.exe and all its stuff. I
also lost my english language file but I just switched to dutch until I got
it all fixed. Well, Distruct also got hacked once on my PC when he was
sleeping over at my place (my 4th time but I wasn't in the room). Now this
was when I just got the 2 computers put on a network and the other PC was
in a different room back then (I was on that PC to give Distruct a chance
on the big machine). At that point I also asked him to quickly download a
crack for me off the net so that we could smack the game on one of the PC's
so we could use the CD for the other one. A message box popped up with
someone called master and his name was slave. Since Distruct knows I like
to fiddle around with the PC's and play jokes like that on him he thought I
was the guy called master (it was actually a hacker) that was talking to
him. So he started talking to 'me' saying stuff like: "I know who you are",
"I know where you live" etc. etc. No matter how much 'I' told him he was
wrong he kept on insisting that he knows 'me'. Finally Distruct said: "I
know you're a dutchman" and the guy left right after that.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH!!!!! Now for those of you who don't know this people that
come from the Netherlands are called dutchmen (my dad is dutch so my
friends call me that). Just like english ppl around here are called
'Souties' or 'Rooinekke' (It's a long story). Haha, the guy must've freaked
out. At least we traced him to country with a luckshot *evil grin*

-=Update to Above=-

!!!!!!!!! ;)

-=Update to the Update of Above=-

hahahahaa... *falls asleep*