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Mushroom Kingdom Assault Guide |
By:  |                |  4-14-2006 |
---------------------/                \---------------------/

-Attackers (Bad Team) Objective:
+Kill Princess Peach. To get to her, the team must find  and destroy all of
  trigger crates to open up the path to her. Once you get to her, you must
  destroy her. (She is destruct scenery)

-Defenders (Good Team) Objective:
+Stop the Bad Team from killing Peach. Hold off the Bad Team from killing
                     Peach for as long as possible. If you are on the Good
Team, do
                     NOT destroy trigger crates.

       -When you start, you will be in a room with warp pipes to different
parts of the
                          level. There are text events telling you where
each pipe will take you, or you
                          can just look at the scenery around each pipe;
they will have the same
                          kind as what is in that part of the level. There
are a few Mushrooms placed
        around the level. Touching these will warp you back to the Warp

+The team that kills Peach after the shortest amount of time wins.
+When the host hits the crate to start, they should start timing the game.
    - Stop the timer when the attackers destroy Peach. This is that teams'
+After each team has attacked and defended, compare the times to see who

--- Order of Operations: 
       (See map file)

1. First crate is in the black area on the right side of the desert.
2. Second crate is in the bottom of the pink pipe structure in the desert.
3. Third crate is in the grassy area to the left of the desert and Airship
4. Fourth crate is in the top part of the pink pipe structure.
5. Fifth crate is through the underground area, then up the platforms
outside of the castle,
        then to the right across the gray bar.
6. Sixth crate is on top of the castle, to the left of the little
7. Seventh crate is back in the underground area, in the blue pipe: it
leads to the water area,
        which has the crate at the end of it.
8. Eighth crate is in the roof-shed on top of the castle.
9. Ninth crate is in the right half of the castle.
10. Tenth crate is left of the castle, through all of the destruct blocks.
You can see Peach,
         but you cant kill her yet.
11. Eleventh crate is on top of the grass above all the destruct scenery.
12. Twelfth crate is in the other half of the castle, which was before
13. Thirteenth crate is in the grass area, left of the castle.
14. The last objective: Kill Peach. It takes 56 shots for each part of her
         Destroying only half of Peach does not count for the win. You must
completely destroy her.

Tip: There is a TnT ammo in the Anchor Area, and only the Bad Team can get
it. Use wisely.

For the host:
  -It doesn't matter what you set the score as, it won't affect the game.
  -Hit the trigger crate to start the game.
  -Make sure you check the time or start a timer when you hit the crate.

Note: The level has a blank password; just hit enter at the password 
            field without typing anything in,  if you want to look at it.