Jazz and Spaz are caught in a time warp, hurtling through worm holes to different times and places in pursuit of Devan. Expect a spirited slosh through the sewers, some mind altering malice in wonderland, and a trek into a watery abyss where the crabs are definitely "in season."

Fun fact: Just like the Formerly a Prince episode, this episode image is inspired by pop culture. This time it is similar to the movie poster of the first part of the Back to the Future (1985) trilogy. Jazz is "pictured" as Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox), a 17-year-old who accidentally steps into a time machine and travels back to the time when his parents were youngsters.

  1. Victorian Secret
  2. Colonial Chaos
  3. Purple Haze Maze
  4. Funky Grooveathon
  5. Beach Bunny Bingo
  6. Marinated Rabbit